homeless man

  1. DeathHand

    Serious 8 Teen Girls Stab Man to Death

    Dec. 18, 2022, Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Toronto police say eight girls [aged] 16 and younger have been charged with second-degree murder after a 59-year-old man was stabbed in the city’s downtown core. Investigators announced the charges during a news conference at Toronto police headquarters...
  2. ZeroK

    fights Help The Homeless

  3. Brainfart

    Interview with a homeless junky(says govt pays him to be homeless)

  4. Sarka

    fights Man catches wife having sex with homeless person inside couple's car and, outraged, beats both of them

    Personal trainer Eduardo Alves, 31, was arrested for assaulting a homeless person in Jardim Roriz, in Planaltina, in the Federal District, Brazil, after he caught the victim having sex with his wife in her car. The scene of the violence was recorded by surveillance cameras in the neighborhood...