1. Lord Gutsy

    animals Visiting his sick buddy

  2. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Crazy dude flaming

  3. Lord Gutsy

    accident Chink Showing Off His Bike Skills

  4. Ginjabread man

    fights Pedro goes ninja on the hospital ward

  5. Ginjabread man

    fights Old school anaesthetic

  6. WickedMal

    Warning:Children ~5 Year Old Kid Runs Into the Road, Gets Hit by a Car ~

    :facepalm: Quote: In Bugulma, a motorist hit a small child who suddenly ran onto the road. The incident occurred on Sunday, September 10th, around two o'clock in the afternoon. Near house number 21 on Gafiatullin Street, there was a woman with two children. At a certain moment, the...
  7. WickedMal

    accident ~Off-road Vehicle Driver Loses Control & Runs Over Several People~

    :facepalm: Several people were run over yesterday afternoon in a race of off-road vehicles during the celebration of the thirty-third anniversary of the Agua Dulce & Mud Bog Festival in the municipality of Ciales, the press spokesman of that municipality, Josian Vázquez Díaz, confirmed to El...
  8. WickedMal

    Warning:Children ~Driver Hits Girl Who Goes Flying~

    :facepalm: In Krasnoyarsk, the driver took down a 10-year-old girl at the crossing: she was thrown into the air from the impact The 36-year-old driver was driving at an unspecified traffic light and flew into a schoolgirl who decided to quickly cross the road. As a result, the girl ended up in...
  9. WickedMal

    Warning:Children ~Little Schoolgirl Trying To Cross The Street, Gets Hit By A Car~

    :motherofgod: Honduras, A security camera recorded the exact moment in which a girl, who was on her way to school, was hit by a truck that was traveling at high speed. Although little E. looked to both sides of the road before passing, she could not calculate the speed of the vehicle that...
  10. DeathHand

    bizarre Doped Up Dude Likes His Own Blood

    :entertained: Vid:
  11. WickedMal

    Serious ~Woman Pronounced Dead Wakes in Her Casket~

    :facepalm: An elderly woman in Ecuador was pronounced dead at hospital. During her own wake, inside her casket she made enough noise to be found alive QUITO, Ecuador — A 76-year-old...
  12. WickedMal

    bizarre ~Chinese Man Sets Himself On Fire~

    :whiskeyskip: Taipei- According to Taiwan media reports, the 70-year-old man surnamed Sun went to Zhongtian TV Station on Minquan East Road, Neihu District, Taipei City at 7 p.m. today and burned himself with gasoline at the door. The fire brigade arrived and found that the fire had been...
  13. WickedMal

    accident ~Russia - 6yo Kid Slams Into Wall After Riding Down Escalator On Bike~

    :facepalm: "In Klin near Moscow, a boy on a bicycle decided to ride the escalator: the result is resuscitation All this happened in the mall. A 6-year-old boy accelerated on a gentle escalator, and at the end he could not slow down and powerfully hit a glass door. The father was busy with...
  14. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Pulling out knife

  15. WickedMal

    accident ~*Warning* Motorcyclist Hits Girl Crossing the Road~

    Colombia, A motorcyclist hit a minor of only nine years old after the girl ran out of her house and when she crossed the street she was hit by the motorcycle. Despite the fact that at first it was said that the man tried to flee, as the minor's family pointed out to news outlets, it was...
  16. WickedMal

    accident *Warning*~Child Gets Hit for Not Looking When Crossing The Street~

    Quote: On Alibegov Street in Minsk, a 36-year-old Lada driver hit an 8-year-old boy who crossed the road at a prohibitory traffic light. A child with injuries was taken to the hospital.
  17. WickedMal

    accident ~*Warning* Cab Runs Down 4 Year Old Kid On SideWalk~

    :mad: Looks like it's on purpose....Ecuador, The kid was taken to a Hospital where he is recovering. The cabby was arrested...
  18. Metamorfosis

    Security guards shot dead by robbers while resisting a robbery outside a private hospital

    Burewala (Urdu Point News Latest - APP. May 15, 2022) A security guard of a private hospital was shot dead by robbers while resisting a robbery outside a private hospital. The accused also snatched the gun of the security guard and fled. Two unidentified armed robbers came outside a private...
  19. Cobh

    fights Junkies attack hospital security

    Mercy Hospital, Cork City Not sure what is going on, they seem drunk or on something. That bald nurse though.
  20. wino

    It's not a tumour

    this was in Saudi Arabia some time ago there is a vid but not tonight . .. . .sorry