1. R

    Islam and terrorism.

    Before i start, I want to make it clear that I am a Muslim teen born and raised in the US. I go out and party, I go to the movies with the boys, I go out and have fun with the boys all the time. I live a normal American teenage life. But behind all of that, is my faith. The faith that I am...
  2. Be happy⚕

    Islam, what is it good for?

    I'm islamophobic.. (also known as rational) Despite almost constantly arguing about the topic and consistently being reminded that the topic itself is "haram", my views have not budged in the least. If I were in power (what a wonderful world it would be) I would send a questionnaire to every...
  3. Lovinight

    Paris is at War!

  4. Hel

    Tom & Jerry is to blame for the rise of IS according to Egyptian minister

    Apparently Tom and Jerry is to blame for the rise of Isis "Nothing wrong with our backwards Islamic culture, it's an American cartoon from the 1940's that is to blame for Islamic extremism!"