1. Maleficent

    accident ~Russia - 6yo Kid Slams Into Wall After Riding Down Escalator On Bike~

    :facepalm: "In Klin near Moscow, a boy on a bicycle decided to ride the escalator: the result is resuscitation All this happened in the mall. A 6-year-old boy accelerated on a gentle escalator, and at the end he could not slow down and powerfully hit a glass door. The father was busy with...
  2. Sarka

    bizarre Adventures of a drunken US Embassy employee in Moscow

    Navarro Nicholas Stormy. Born in California on November 3, 1995, a career Marine who underwent special training in Quantico (Virginia). Since 2021 - security officer of the US Embassy (security of the outer perimeter of the embassy). The Marine tried to enter the embassy while being watched by...
  3. Sarka

    accident Thief fell from the fifth floor

    Moscow - It all started with the fact that an intoxicated man stole something from a store and threatened the guard with a knife. Hiding after the crime, he ran into the entrance, climbed out through the balcony of the apartment on the 3rd floor, then climbed right up the balconies and...
  4. Pezir

    fights * Child Warning* Man Tries Take the Child From Woman

    Non-human aggressive man tries take the child away from the woman, pulled her by the hair, overturned the stroller, and as a result dropped the child. Moscow aka Mordor.
  5. SeekingReality

    beatings Druggie Couldn't Pay For Drugs, Dealers Took Their Fury Out On His Face. Moscow.

    Nice facial fracture, broken orbital and cheekbone to boot. Possible eye/retinal damage, depends if bone splintered into soft tissue. As for brain? again, depends on the trauma, bones and such, albeit it does appear something was damaged due to his facial features and change of expression (or...
  6. Sarka

    beatings Drunken man was beaten and robbed in a stairwell

    The 34-year-old and 29-year-old perpetrators were detained.
  7. Sarka

    accident Drunk man stumbles, falling straight onto moving train

    He died.
  8. momo19611