1. DeathHand

    Warning: Children Nagasaki & Hiroshima: Death & Destruction Images

    Hopefully this thread works for folks - there are a few short threads (discussion and a few images) that aren't very comprehensive on the images side of things. I've only dealt with images of the destruction and death (not in any particular order) caused by the 1945 bombing of both Hiroshima and...
  2. Flatus Tube

    Nuclear Fusion Reactor- 10x Hotter Than The Sun’s Core

    I just had a chat with my brother, which is more me listening to an autistic outburst of geek facts. During this he mentioned a recent video of a fusion reactor he’d seen, and being a nerd myself decided I’d find it to share with you as it’s pretty damn impressive. Just in time for the...
  3. mystery_man

    Fierce fighting sparks fire outside Ukrainian nuclear plant [largest nuclear power plant in Europe]

    they say this one is 6 times larger than chernobyl...
  4. Dante1984

    Sl-1 Accident

    Not long after dropping the first two nuclear bombs on Japan, the United States began to devise ways of applying its innovations in atomic science to making not only weapons but energy. The country, which lagged slightly behind the USSR and the UK. in the construction of nuclear power plants...