old man

  1. Bethy πŸ”₯

    accident Old Man Got Hit By Bus

    Guatemala, the deceased is an elderly man
  2. Bethy πŸ”₯

    accident Old Man Ran Over By Minibus

  3. Bethy πŸ”₯

    accident I Aint Got Time To Stop 🀣

  4. Bethy πŸ”₯

    accident Hit By A Bus

  5. Bethy πŸ”₯

    accident Poor Grandpa 😒

    A tragic incident at Talad Rom Hup. A 73 year old grandfather was walking out of his house and didn't hear the sound of a train. He was hit and his body was torn in two pieces and he died horrifically on the train.
  6. Ginjabread man

    Crime Old man gets ko’d & robbed at gas station

  7. Bethy πŸ”₯

    bizarre That Wasnt Very Nice

  8. Bethy πŸ”₯

    accident He Has A Schedule To Keep

  9. Bethy πŸ”₯

    Crime Robbing Old Man 🀬

    Fucking Coward
  10. Bethy πŸ”₯

    beatings Teen Beat 80yr Old Man 😒

    Mexico, A 16-year-old boy hits an elderly person after the latter tried to stop him when he was attacking a woman. Video shows the moment in which three subjects have a heated argument when the minor launches blows against the men. The 80 years old T. received a blow and fell to the ground...
  11. Bethy πŸ”₯

    accident Grandpa Landed Under Bus

  12. Bethy πŸ”₯

    bizarre Long Ass Toenails

    This just goes to show that no one is properly looking after him :unreal: c
  13. Bethy πŸ”₯

    beatings Old Man Takes A Beating

  14. Bethy πŸ”₯

    accident Russia ~ Old Man Hit By Truck

  15. Lord Gutsy

    accident How the fuck did u pull that off chinky ??

  16. WickedMal

    bizarre ~Old man chased robber at gas station~

  17. Monkman777

    fights Old Bums Fighting

  18. WickedMal

    beatings ~Man Beats Old Lady With Umbrella~

    :facepalm: A 60-year-old man was seen attacking an 85-year-old woman with an umbrella. A woman named Kalkibai Gameti died in this attack. The video was shot by passers-by, two of whom were minors. He did nothing to save this old lady. Police have detained four people in connection with this...
  19. WickedMal

    Warning:Children ~Old Man Driver Plows Through Kids In A Crosswalk~

    :facepalm: In Khakassia, a pensioner knocked down children crossing, accompanied by an adult, who was talking on the phone. The footage shows how the car in the far right lane slowed down. At this moment, five children start moving on an uncontrolled pedestrian crossing across the road. The...
  20. Lord Gutsy

    accident Old dude exiting the bus early

  21. WickedMal

    bizarre ~Officer Shot 77Yr Old Man Outside Church~

    Vista, California β€” On Sunday, May 7, 2023, at approximately 12:30 p.m., patrol deputies from the San Diego Sheriff’s Department were dispatched to the church located at 1418 Calle Jules, Vista. A male was reportedly at the location holding a handgun to his head. Upon the deputies’ arrival, they...
  22. WickedMal

    bizarre ~Old Man Falls Asleep, Falls Down a Well, and Dies~

    :poison: 65-year-old W.M. died when he fell asleep while sitting at the edge of a well and fell backwards into the structure. Family members immediately lowered a ladder into the shallow well and recovered W., but he had died from a serious head injury.
  23. Bethy πŸ”₯

    Funny Paw Paw Gets Down 🀣

  24. ZeroK

    bizarre Ant Attack

  25. WickedMal

    accident ~ Biker Horrifically Burned In Accident ~

    :whiskeyskip: :poison: On Wednesday afternoon, a fatal accident occurred in the Arenera sector in Puerto Wilches, Santander Department, Colombia. Two motorbikes collided and caused an explosion, resulting in severe burns to those involved in the incident. The flames burned 90% of J.D.P.'s...
  26. Sgt.Stupid

    Funny Drunk as a Skunk

  27. Lord Gutsy

    accident can't take a piss in peace

  28. WickedMal

    animals ~Don't Fuck With The Bull~

  29. WickedMal

    bizarre ~Old Man Dies Of Heart Attack During Sex With Prostitute~

    :poison: :facepalm:
  30. Popeyes

    animals Feral dog attacking man

    Please excuse the horrible music
  31. Popeyes

    animals bull beating the shit out of old dude