1. Walter E Kurtz

    Anatoly Yemelianovich Slivko . A sadistic torturer (murderer) of children.

    Anatoly Yemelianovich Slivko Is/was a High-Member of a Club Scout for boys, in that time he recorded and photographed young boys being hung, strangled & tortured. The entire description (via LiveLeak) of his 21-year activity are documented and described on a link. The video is disturbing and...
  2. I

    Autoerotic Orgasm

    Found this on medical students forum, pics taken by a young female med intern. Naked young man in his mid 20’s was found dead in half hanging position, with fully erect penis and a sperm filled condom. He had massively ejaculated, very likely right before or at the moment of death. Condom is...
  3. emilythevicitm

    Teenage Girl Poked and Killed in Himachal Pradesh, India

    In Kotkhai, a village in Himachal Pradesh, India, a corpse of a 16 year old girl was found half naked in the woods. According to the post-mortem report, the teen was raped and strangled. The family reported the girl missing on July 4, 2017, after she failed to return from school as normal. Two...
  4. Ra's Al Ghul

    Half Naked Woman Strangled in Motel, Brazil

    A woman, 31, was found dead on Tuesday (july 12th) in a motel located in Joao Diogo street in the neighborhood of Campina in Belem - Brazil. The victim was found in one of the rooms. According to the military police, the woman showed signs of strangulation. She was found in a bed, naked from...
  5. Ra's Al Ghul

    Female strangled and then thrown into pool

    LA ROMANA, Dominican Republic .-The assassination occured in a residence in the Altos de Rio Dulce occured on 24th march 2014 The body of Eduvigen Mejia, 47, was found by another employee in the pool with an extension cord around the neck, at house number 11 First Street, owned by Rafael Pepé...
  6. DeathHand


    This 32 year old woman was offered a ride home on the motorbike of a local 22 year old male. Instead, the male took her to a secluded area where he proceeded to raped her. He then strangled her to death with her pants before trying to bury her body. It's extremely rare to see 'murder/gore'...
  7. Dr. Gauner

    Woman Died of Strangulation

    Police received information that there was a body of a woman in a room in Ceasa, immediately both the civilian police and the military moved to the site. On arrival the researchers observed a smell that there was indeed a body inside. One of the doors was closed with a chain and padlock, they...
  8. SicMonster666

    Mother strangles her baby with her umbilical cord, face eaten by dogs

    According to information a mother gave birth to her child on her own, then strangled the little girl with her own umbilical cord and then left her dead in an open field in a rural area. When the person who took the picture found the little corpse there was a dog eating her face. And the mother...
  9. SicMonster666

    A Young Woman Found Strangled

    On Saturday 3/7/2105 near the river Uruguay in Uruguaiana in Rio Grande do Sul, a young identified as Fernanda Moreira Flores 18, was found dead in a vacant lot. According to information the girl was strangled and sexually assaulted by three unidentified males. Further information reveal that...
  10. DeathHand

    Preggo Woman Strangled

    This woman was several months pregnant when someone took her into the bush, bashed her around and strangled her to death. Her husband is the main suspect - go figure, eh? Macau, Brazil, Feb. 16, 2015 1. 2. Those are some drag marks... 3. 4. 5. 6.
  11. DeathHand

    13YO Raped & Strangled

    This young 13 year old teen, Deyanira Garcia Sosa, went missing and was later found dead (I know, shitty photos). Police report that she had been tortured, anally raped and then strangled. No arrests. Note: many websites (even DR ones) are posting this story and in the frenzy are using a photo...
  12. sgrass

    Man Strangles Girlfriend

    Pretty slow weekend for South and Central America.(Piss)
  13. Blaine

    4chan user strangles woman, posts pics

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I've been looking at pictures of dead people for a long time, and this looks real to me. Pale gums and palate, pallor of the skin, the position of the body, faint bruising around the eyes, blood and the livid ligature marks appear to be legitimate, etc...
  14. D.O.A.

    Eddie Leonski: The Brownout Strangler

    Edward Joseph Leonski (December 12, 1917 – November 9, 1942) was a United States Army soldier during World War II. He was also a serial killer responsible for the strangling murders of three women in Melbourne,Australia. Leonski was known as both the "Brownout Strangler", given Melbourne's...
  15. Eat Shit And Die

    animals Bastard Strangles Kitten For "Fun" (New To Me)(SAD and CRUEL)

    A man named Tadashi Shimabukuro strangles a poor kitty with his own hands choking it to death. As a girl encouraged him to do the cruelty and make it fun, even when he plays with the Pussycat mocking the dead animal just killed. The boy was located and was even assaulted while serving...
  16. Hel

    Al-Qaeda thugs strangle Syrian woman

  17. max_gain

    Strangled by husband

    Its alleged, the guy lost it in an attempt to coherse money from his wife to purchase more Crystal Meth. He then strangled her ......
  18. Airbornemama

    11 yr. old girl strangled...

    Two people, a man and woman somehow were holding this poor girl. I am not sure how that happened, but the woman decided to strangle her with steel wire. They both thought that she had died and they left her. She was found clinging to life and taken to the hospital where she died in the ICU. The...
  19. Airbornemama

    Baby strangled with cell phone charger...

    A baby was found dead in a cardboard box. It wasn't full term but was alive when born. The Mother strangled it with her cell phone charger cord.
  20. bowhaze

    Homosexual Strangled And Stabbed

    A man was found dead inside of a house in Caruaru. He was found on Saturday and known as Ariston Francisco Cruz, short ” Ton” and was 36-years-old. He was resident in this area, he lived on the 46th street, in the neighborhood of Rendeiras. The killer attacked him with a knife, before his...
  21. tarekwood

    Woman bound and strangled to death by husband high on Crack

    Woman bound and strangled to death by husband high on Crack Edson Alexandre 27-year-old, high on crack locked their two kids in bathroom then bound and strangled his wife, Fernanda Feracini 31-year-old. He stole her money and fled away, possibly to buy more drugs. Fernanda’s body was found by...
  22. Sidetrack

    The Hillside Stranglers

    Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buno - the Hillside Stranglers from 1977 to 1978 in LA. Prostitutes murdered by strangulation and dumped naked on the hillsides of LA until a dispute between the cousins caused a conflict that led Bianchi to head to Bellingham, WA and try murder on his own which...
  23. D.N.R.

    Strangled Female's Decomposed Body

    A farmer discovered the body of a woman in an advanced state of decomposition. After digging up the body police discovered it to be a female who was possibly strangled due to the rope around her neck.
  24. Dezarae Bonelli

    raped, stabbed, strangled and buried at her home

    Maria Claudia Siqueira Del´Isola,19 years old. The girl who was missing since thursday morning (12/09/2004) was found dead and buried under a staircase at the home where she lived, in Lago Sul, in the city of Brasilia,capital city of Brazil. The body of Maria Claudia Siqueira Del´Isola, aged...
  25. Sidetrack

    The BTK Strangler - Dennis Rader

    In Wichita Kansas, for 31 years a killer called him the BTK Strangler. 'BTK'- for 'Bind them, Torture them, Kill them'. He sexually assaulted and strangled a series of victims beginning with the Otero family in 1974. He taunted the police with letters, cryptic cards and bragged about his...
  26. V

    Thai Woman Strangled and Stabbed

    30 year old Thai woman was strangled to death and stabbed for good measure. Just to make sure her death was as humiliating as possible, the scene responders made sure to take plenty of pics of her pancake boobies and very badly soiled shorts.
  27. wino

    Strangled and electrocuted

    and the fucker slit the pretty girls throat. thanks for the pics nero ;)
  28. DeathHand

    Raped & Strangled

    Photos of a woman who was raped and strangled in Bayeux, Brazil, on Apr. 30, 2012. Set 1. 1. Gotta love how the Brazilian police rarely cordon off a crime scene. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  29. Klaireece

    Behram Jemadar " I may have strangled with my own hands about 125 men "

    WHERE: India WHEN: 700-1850 THE CRIME: According to The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary a thug is a member of a religious organization of professional robbers and assassins in India, and the word dates from the early 19 the century. The cult began in about 700 and sacrificed people to...
  30. RexServantGirlAnnihilator

    Timothy Wilson Spencer "The Southside Strangler"

    Timothy Wilson Spencer Background information Also known as: The Southside Strangler Cause of death Execution Penalty Death Killings Number of victims 5 Country United States State(s) Virginia Date apprehended January, 1988 Timothy Wilson Spencer (17 March 1962 - 27 April 1994), also known as...
  31. RexServantGirlAnnihilator

    Timothy Wilson Spencer "Southside Strangler"

    Timothy Wilson Spencer (17 March 1962 - 27 April 1994), also known as the "Southside Strangler," was an American serial killer who committed four rape/murders in Richmond, Virginia in the fall of 1987.[1] In addition, he is believed to have committed at least one previous murder, in 1984, for...
  32. Eat Shit And Die

    Michael Bruce Ross AKA The Roadside Strangler.

    Michael Bruce Ross (July 26, 1959 – May 13, 2005) was an American serial killer. In 2005, he was executed by the state of Connecticut, making it the first execution in Connecticut (and the whole of New England) since 1960. Early Life. Ross was born in Putnam, Connecticut to Patricia Hilda...
  33. Eat Shit And Die

    Moses Sithole AKA The South Africa Strangler/The ABC Killer.

    Moses Sithole is a South African serial killer. What makes him most disturbing isn’t even how he killed his victims, but rather the fact that he would call and taunt his victims’ families.Sithole is believed to have posed as a businessman offering jobs in order to gain the trust of the women he...
  34. p4irs

    Strangled foamy woman

    no results for gaera with google translate
  35. C_R

    Found Beaten & Strangled

  36. sincisor

    Strangled with a Belt

    unbelievably, there are no pointers in this set.
  37. C_R

    Strangled In The Woods

  38. C_R

    Woman Found Raped & Strangled