viral video

  1. igotyour40acres

    bizarre Live video feed of Kensington Ave open air drug market with zombies on "tranq."

    It's a sad reality that these people are now perpetually imprisoned by that drug. And the city does nothing to stop it. Philadelphia, city of brotherly love....
  2. frederykruysch

    Crime Thief locked up in a bakery in Campeche (Mexico)

    A thief entered a bakery in Campeche to steal. The employee, in her nervousness, moves towards the exit and locks him in by lowering the curtain. The security camera of a bakery in the municipality of San Francisco, Campeche captured the moment in which the thief enters the establishment and...
  3. HB2033

    Dumb British Tourists

  4. Snor

    True Reality! Take a seat and watch.

    Message to the voting cattle:
  5. Ravenna

    Obey The Walrus

    CreepyPasta Fact: The person in this video is Sandie Crisp. Sandie Crisp was born on January 13, 1960. She was a transgender woman who struggled with polio. During her childhood, she experienced sexual abuse. The clips from the video were taken from the 1994 film titled The Goddess Bunny. Sandie...