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I decide what to tell you or not tell you. I choose not to share any more details than I already have.
Your ability to not be affected by “child torture murder” is your issue. I made it clear that I would not
share work and patient details. So you decide to educate me as to what this site is about?

Do your own research.

Béla Kiss

Always, never, and forget about it.
To me , once a killer, always a killer.
You don't think it's possible to rehabilitate killers at all? What is your take on Mary Bell? She hasn't killed since her release, granted she was a young child when she killed, so maybe that played a part? I still find it appalling that she's a grandmother now. She took children's lives and gets to be free with a new identity, have children and carry on like she had done nothing wrong.


Mary Bell is a scary person. Her lack of empathy bothered me a lot. Perhaps she is watched day and night but I don’t know quite how
she managed to become a grandmother. She could have been a psychotic child, I once met an 8 yr old schizophrenic kid. He heard awful voices and got grown up antipsychotics.

I will do some reading and see how she got away with murder. You saw what happened to the Slenderman girls.
Real rehab is very, very rare and risky. It has worked once with a murderer who was a good friend of mine.
One in 100,000. bad odds. Will tell you later.
"To me, anyone who kills because of some internal compulsion is psychotic."

A real forensic psychiatrist would never say this. Psychosis is very specific. Psychosis is characterized by an impaired relationship with reality. And it is a symptom of serious mental disorders. People who are psychotic may have either hallucinations or delusions. Having a compulsion to kill does not mean there's a disconnection from reality. The majority of serial murderers are not psychotic.


Hi Bela Kiss,
I will try to get an out of print book a British lady wrote about Mary Bell. Written by the same woman who interviewed a few Nazis.
As for Mary, she was clearly a psychopath. I think the Brits were so horrified by her that they did not really know what to do.
Mary was badly abused as a child but she also enjoyed the dying little kids’ pain and when she was sent to some institution, her
psycho/socio/whatever-pathic behavior continued. There is very little info about how she had her daughter. She knew how to use her daughter to her own benefit. In effect, she has disappeared into a witness protection type anonymity. This would not happen nowadays.
The judge who sentenced Bonin said it best. Bonin also had a horrible background of abuse. What the judge said at the sentencing really summed it all up.

Though understanding and compassion are key, they won’t help the next victim of someone like Mary Bell. What you call her affliction is less important than deciding what the hell to do with such a child. That’s where I come in. My work is to recommend a course of action.
Many, many fat books have been written on psychosis. It is very complex and difficult to treat. I always wanted to treat anorexics with antipsychotics 20 years ago. Those drugs are being used now.


hi Bela-Kiss,

To continue, Mary Bell got lucky. What could be crazier than cooking and eating people like Dahmer, Miewes or killing kids for some nutty idea like Breivik or Lanza. Or strangling a child when you yourself are a child and laughing about it??
Even Gacy was nuts as far as most shrinks were concerned. Completely fucking crazy, in fact. But all states have different laws. So of course, Gacy got the death penalty and Dahmer got the death penalty in a different way. I read that psychiatrists were very disappointed when Dahmer was killed. I think he would have helped our understanding of what to watch for in children and adults. When are we ever going to see another one like him?(God forbid, of course). So, I take a global view of the patient and write some simplified diagnosis for the court. And then we hash out some plan because there is a paid shrink on the other side too. A burn out job. What is odd is that the famous London tabloids don’t know where she went. How could that be??


Oh btw McM,

Mary Bell was attractive and knew it. No wonder you were in love. She managed to seduce the entire British Penal system.
Whoops! That sounded indelicate, sorry. It is the truth though. Going back to crosswords now.
Lots of people find Dahmer attractive(men and women) and that sick fuck Bundy too. ugh!!!

Béla Kiss

Always, never, and forget about it.
Fish is my personal fav, how many fuckers can have had the life he had...

Why is everyone arguing?...
Who's arguing?


either way, it's none
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My bad, I've looked. I coulda swore my Grammy had a vinyl of him playing. And yes, he's an accomplished ass. Though still not comparable to a serial killer.

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