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Elon did nothing wrong
Millions of dollars are accidentally transferred into your account and no one seems to notice – so do you return the money? Or dive headfirst into your new, lavish lifestyle and set out on a spending spree?

For Thevamanogari Manivel, a 41-year-old Malaysian national living in Melbourne, it was the latter. But that decision is now coming back to haunt her.

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On Friday, Manivel pleaded guilty to recklessly dealing with proceeds of crime after currency giant mistakenly deposited $10.5 million into her Commonwealth Bank account, instead of a $100 refund, 7 News reports.

Instead of returning the money, Manivel and her partner splurged on multiple houses and luxury items including a car for one of her three children, furniture and art. She also paid off a friend’s mortgage.

By the time was able to act and try to recoup the cash, the money had been moved and spent on a $1.35m Craigieburn property. Picture:

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The court heard the crypto company – which paid Hollywood star Matt Damon to feature in a Super Bowl commercial with the slogan “fortune favours the brave” – had accidentally entered an account number in the payment field when it should instead have entered a measly $100 refund in May 2021.

“Extraordinarily, the Plaintiffs allegedly did not realise this significant error until some seven months later, in late December 2021,” Supreme Court judge James Dudley Elliott found.

The mistake had only been discovered after a company audit two days before Christmas.

But by the time – one of world's largest cryptocurrency trading platforms – realised what had happened, a big chunk of it had already been spent.

Manivel told the court that her boyfriend had convinced her it was a prize from

The company contacted the Commonwealth Bank, which contacted Manivel on two occasions in January 2022 to discuss the matter. She later told police she believed both messages were scam calls, The Age reports.

“Immediately following the communication from the Commonwealth Bank, Manivel transferred $2 million to an account in Malaysia with HSBC Bank, in her name,” Prosecutor Bruce Nibbs told the court.

Later that month, she transferred another $2 million to her overseas account. Six weeks later, police arrested her at Melbourne Airport trying to flee to Malaysia with $11,750.

The County Court heard Manivel had since returned more than $8 million and settled with the crypto company.

Manivel’s barrister, Jessica Willard, said her client had no criminal record and an otherwise unblemished personal history.

Her co-accused and former partner Jatinder Singh will appear in court on other charges next week. He has pleaded not guilty.

Manivel will be sentenced in September.


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"The company contacted the Commonwealth Bank, which contacted Manivel on two occasions in January 2022 to discuss the matter. She later told police she believed both messages were scam calls," I can't say I doubt she believed they were scam calls. It's not out of the ordinary, since it happens too often in many forms. However, she shouldn't have spent the money.


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If you were going to run with the money it needed to be transferred in a way no one could get it like crypto and an off shore account then you vanish to a foreign country without an extradition policy and also buying a new identity.

pappa stupid

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I mean I would keep it of course if I thought there was a chance of me not getting caught, otherwise I would reluctantly give it back


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start a few charity, get friends and family to be directors, donate it all to charity, declare bankrupt, live off your friends and family


Elon did nothing wrong

Say nothing and invest that money is high interest accounts, if they come looking for the cash (which they always will) they can have it back, but at least you've got something from it
You owe the interest on the money as well, the principle wasn't yours so neither are any gains on it. Courts will calculate it.


Meh fuck the bank, and bitcoin.

Your mistake bye bye Charlie.

Btw the banks don't give a fuk if it was your money that was misplaced, same goes to bitcoin.


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That caracature of the perp is disgusting. Her partner lucked out when he bought it on