disaster Bus Driver Suffers Fatal Stroke (1 Viewer)

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Hope Mojo dies
He shouldn't have been on his phone driving and why in 2023 have some of the daft cunts got masks on? Great vid and first time i've ever seen a full blown stroke thanks.


silent ghost
that poor guy. looks young also. probably just got off the phone with his wife,saying he'd be home shortly too.

Lares Deces

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I like how the guy in the blue mask had that delayed reaction to what was happening.

He sees the guy spazzing out, then looks ahead....and then in a moment of clarity he realizes that the guy spazzing out should be controlling the bus, yet isn't. 🤣


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HaHaHAAA, :faganono:Shit his panties and died hard...hhaah, thanks for doing it on camera so we could all enjoy it for entertainment

I enjoyed every twitch and spasm of your lovely death, I hope it was as good for you as it was for me