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Brazil, A 40-year-old woman, identified as D. S. d. S, died after being hit by a car trailer with an ATV in it that broke loose from the vehicle Thursday afternoon.

The accident occurred when a trailer detached from the truck and invaded the road where the victim was traveling on a motorcycle.

The crash was frontal. With the impact, she was thrown upwards and fell to the ground. A security camera caught the accident.

The Mobile Emergency Service (Samu) was triggered, tried to revive the victim, but she could not resist and died at the scene. She had a skull sinking and her face was disfigured.

The 21 year old driver was arrested for manslaughter. He did not own CNH. (Driver's license (CNH – Carteira de Habilitação, Carteira de Motorista)



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I had this happened to me once. I was driving with my counsin and my 2 aUnts while on the freeway traveling in idaho to my other cousin wedding.. The truck in a another several yards away. In another.lane.. The truck was going to fast has started to fishtale all over his lane to the point where the trailer broke loose the truck rolled in to a ditch and trailer hit serial cars. All I remember was seeing flying debris screaming in the car me pulling over to the side of the road to calm down the screaming aunts and cousins.

After that I promised I will never drive again with the aunts and the cousin's ever again.