1. Ra's Al Ghul

    22 year old Ukrainian girl , Anastasia Levada, dies in her sleep in Moscow.

    Found this on an online Chat room a week or more ago, forgot to post here earlier! 22 yr old Anastasia Levada was from Chernihiv, Ukraine. She had travelled to Moscow , Russia in search of further studies// internship// employment (I'm really not sure thanks to horrible translations.) It seems...
  2. 0111011000111

    animals What the Horror Hell!, WHAT THE FUCK!!!

    WTF hErE I think the poor thing had it's head crushed. I'm not really sure though. From Kaotic
  3. O

    Traditional Tibetan Sky Burial

    According to most accounts, vultures are given the whole body. Then, when only the bones remain, these are broken up with mallets, ground with tsampa (barley flour with tea and yak butter, or milk), and given to the crows and hawks that have waited for the vultures to depart. In one account...