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Dr. Johnny Fever

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Lesson learned, don't fuck with Bobo and his ride



Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue
Just force them all into Chicago and the problem takes care of itself. I don't know why I'm not the fucking president yet
A "baddie" onesie....with underwear......stay classy Shaniqua

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Pretty sure this whole thing was a set up for this company. I see a lot of little baddies walking around in the future🤑
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Well I’ll have an awesome day now. Thanks for the mood boost I needed it…. Hard to believe they had a parking dispute and only 1 vehicle…. Weird. Blacks….. 300 years later and you still can’t take them anywhere


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What is this fucking article talking about. I don’t see where the angry guy came out and shot 8 people. I see 3 dumbasses going into some old guys house unannounced. Blaka! Blaka! Pop goes the weasel!!!!!!


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Well, that's kind of what you get for "invasion of private property" ... you get your ass shot.
Wanna be mad, be mad outside, don't try to force your way into someone else's house xD