Last Movie You Watched..

I felt like I'd not seen the original Batman with Michael Keaton for so long I'd forgot it so I watched that. Then I put the sequel on but didn't pay attention, then I started the George Clooney batman and after 5mins I had to stop watching as I could feel my brain melting. What a giant pile of wank the batman movies were until heath ledger came along. He had to go die tho selfish twat

Amazing cast...especially Kline stellar in the lead but many hits and misses with the story, quirkiness of Klines character and overall in the movie, direction its really a shame. A lot of potential here. To be clear its not a bad movie and if you like Kline its worth a watch.. I just wouldn't go out of my way to recommend otherwise. 5/10
I want my almost 2 hours back
Naw it wasn't that bad. Close though. Hathaway and Dafoe did there best. Perez looked out of place and in for a quick paycheck. Affleck must have been drunk throughout filming he seems so disinterested and out of it. Story was alright if you can follow it. Could have been 20 or so mins shorter. Hard to rate this one but I guess I will go with a 3.5 or 4/10.


On TV last night, I work with some expat mongrel mob guys, I've a genuine respect for people who will beat you to death at the drop of a hat