Last Movie You Watched..

2 Guns(Second view since it was first released) Some good and funny chemistry with Washington and Wahlberg. Dialogue is solid...action pretty typical but entertaining.. The late Paxton always solid too but felt like they could have all delivered more than they all did. 5 maybe 6/10 because of the mentioned stars, script. and shit. Not awful in any but hard to recommend to anyone either.
Seeing that '64 Impala convertible get destroyed was most upsetting.


Mr. Majestic
Zombieland: Doubletap-It was pretty funny and still gory, so I give it 8/10.

The Last Ones Out-A zombie virus outbreak in Africa, I tried watching it before and I said
to myself this sucks already, lol. I rewatched two hours ago and was pleasantly surprised, so
this one gets a 9/10.

I watched some other stuff but already forgot what the fuck they were, lol. A.D.D. in effect I suppose, anyway
that's it for now.

Burnt Öfferings

daddy clothes

Pretty-good movie about a bunch of deviants who get-off to automobile accidents. I actually quit about 3/4 of the way through because Elias Koteas was annoying as shit. Also, Holly Hunter was miscast in this. Decent movie though, I might go back and finish it.


Mr. Majestic
I also watched The Hunt, it was fairly entertaining with most of the characters dying in
the beginning, lol. Seeing Emma Roberts head blown off and that dude from that
stupid This Is Us tv show get blown to bits was a highlight. 8/10