Mark S. McCallister



Blew away 27 year old Billy Lee Sanson and his 25 year old brother Gerald Sanson whose bodies were found in a weeded lot behind the Saint Albans West Virginia Moose Club. MCCallister was indicted on six murder counts that included his grandmother. Her shotgunned body was found wrapped in a curtain and sheets on January 13th, 1989 shortly after the Sanson brothers.
Not long after her body was discovered, police found the bodies of teen Jimmy Price and Michael Shillings who had also been gunned down at the same time. In December of 1990 he was allowed to plead guilty to killing the Sanson brothers and sentenced to two life terms in the West Virginia Penitentiary. But not before a failed jail escape, where MCCallister and another accused killer attempted to break out of the Kanawha County jail in Charleston. Deputies found the two men hiding in a jails recreation area drop- ceiling.

More recent pic with some prison time on him.


I don't think the meals there are as bad as they used to be. The portions seem to be small. But I think you can bribe the cooks to bring you more. You have to factor in the fact that they're bored, stressed out, don't get much exercize and/or, considering the fact if that they're in there for SK-type crimes, they may be kept in solitary confinement, segregated from the general population and only allowed to leave their cells for 1 hour a day.

An example of a meal from a state prison is as follows:
  • 3-4 ounces of meat
  • half a cup of vegetables
  • three-quarters of a cup of a starch
  • three-quarters of a cup of salad with dressing
  • 1 bread item
  • 1 beverage
  • 1 dessert


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They also get canteen if there is money on their books, they use it as money in there. i saw this on the show Lockup on cnbc, when they do cell searches and A prisoner has tons of crap they know he either gambles,sells drug's or blackmail's other prisoner's for it!!:eek:


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So this guy sounds like more of a mass murderer than a serial killer. If all his victims were around the same time. Why did he kill them? Do you have anymore info on the reason? Was he a rapist or he just got pissed one day and shot a bunch of people? Good post though, I have never heard of this guy either.


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There have been a few cases where the criminal actually committed a crime just to get 3 squares, a warm bed and free health care. I go to a substandard county doc because insurance cost to much. :mad:

Bums do this often, they'll commit petty crimes to spend winters or hot summers in a cell; food, drink, bathroom, maybe a movie, games, some fresh new teeth...why not?


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What I would like to know is if prison food is so bad how do these people manage to put so much weight on in the space of a few years?
Because they have bad genes and pack on weight from stress and all the toxic, low nutrition food they are served.


Because they have bad genes and pack on weight from stress and all the toxic, low nutrition food they are served.
Send me to prison the fat fucks are getting fat on my tax Dollar. :lulz: