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He was a firestarter in his mind. Singer from the band prodigy that just went tot

Ah, yes. I read it here but didn't recognize him on the picture early in the morning today. Was just wondering about the tattoed planes.
I remember 'Firestarter' when played on MTV here, it had a crazy beat/timing somehow.


it survived 800 yrs, countless raids, famine, plague, vikings,royal riots, and two world wars ...................only to be destroyed in modern times!!!!!!!!!!!!
a testiment to the fkn dipshittery of 21st century modern man

not mankind itself, but entire cosmos has been changing into certain way which makes entire ingredients on earth, not that powerful like in the past, which is like melting procedure. Buildings may look fancy, but the core and quality is quite poor, it goes toward food also and that same energy affects peoples too as nowadays people are more .... receptive towards lot of harmful things and feelings of self destructiveness, thats why its important to be realized of it and be in best shape as possible, instead living in that compulsive mode saying theres is nothing to do about us, and all of it
where did you take that info that its dead . There is fireman posing with it on photo , having proof that he got it away from there
hahaa you belief that bullshit prop is the crown. SERIOUSLY????????!!!
be realistic that crown is ((unprovable)) and hence a likely fucking fake

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