One dead, 9 sick from fumes at McDonalds Bathroom



One dead, 9 sick from fumes at McDonald's in Georgia
Reuters – 4 hrs ago

ATLANTA (Reuters) - One woman died and nine others were sickened after breathing toxic fumes in the bathroom of a McDonald's restaurant in south Georgia, authorities said on Thursday.

An 80-year-old woman from Florida died early on Thursday, hours after being overcome by fumes in the bathroom at a McDonald's restaurant in Pooler, Georgia, the city's Police Chief Mark Revenew said.

She was one of two women emergency workers found unconscious in the bathroom of the restaurant on Wednesday afternoon, Pooler Fire Chief Wade Simmons said.

A total of 10 people, including three firefighters, went to the hospital after being sickened by the fumes in the bathroom, Simmons said.

Firefighters noticed a smell in the bathroom but were not able to identify the source, Simmons said.


silent ghost
It was probably some moron mixing ammonia and bleach together
its funny you say that. someone here on the boards had mentioned they needed to clean something,and thats the mix i told them to use (i was joking tho) and abattoir kinda yelled at me for sayn that. lol....


why would you enter a mcdonalds bathroom in the first place
I'd say judging by the police reports in this city 50% of the people who enter a McDonald's bathroom around here do so to sit in a stall and overdose. :-_^: