Randall “Randy” Woodfield

was an American serial killer dubbed The I-5 Killer or The I-5 Bandit for the I-5 Highway running from Washington to California, where he committed multiple sexual assaults and murders.

Born in Salem, Oregon in 1950, Woodfield’s early life appeared to have been relatively normal and successful; he came from a middle class family with no evident signs of dysfunction, was popular among his peers and was a high school and college football star. Beginning in adolescence, however, he began to exhibit antisocial sexual behaviors, primarily a penchant for indecent exposure. Upon his first arrest for this crime in high school, his football coaches hushed it up so that he wouldn’t be kicked off the team.

Three arrests in the early 1970s for petty crimes such as vandalism and public indecency did not prevent Woodfield from being drafted by the Green Bay Packers, but he was dismissed from the team in 1974 after more than a dozen arrests for indecent exposure.

The following year, Woodfield robbed and sexually assaulted several women at knife point. He was eventually caught by an undercover policewoman, however, and went to prison for second degree robbery. He served four years of a 10-year sentence.

In 1979, Woodfield embarked upon a two year robbery spree, holding up gas stations, ice cream parlors and homes along the I-5 Highway. Several of his female victims were sexually assaulted, murdered, or both.

In March 1981, police investigating a shooting death in Beaverton, Oregon, came across Woodfield, who was a casual acquaintance of the victim. Citing his history of sexual assault, police searched his home and found evidence linking him to the murder, as well as the attempted murders of two young women. Woodfield was arrested and charged with the Beaverton killing and a double murder of a wife and daughter in Redding, California. He was tried for and found guilty of these crimes, and sentenced to life plus 90 years in prison.

While he was charged with four murders, it is estimated that Woodfield committed as many as 18, as well as upwards of 60 sexual assaults



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The I-95 killer by Anne Rule is a good read on this dude. :tu:

*Edit* and I notice there's another thread on this dude on pg 4 or so. Not sure which 1 was in first, but it's all good, i guess.
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I've always wondered about the day it happens first. Do they decide " hey, I'm going to rape someone " and kill them to cover their tracks? Or do you think it just manifests out of nowhere, like a spontaneous thing? Does everyone have this capability inside , waiting to be triggered?


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I almost feel like, instinctually, all men are capable of rape, but the better part of us governs our baser animal impulses.


and why would a judge make us pay for this asshole shoot his ass be done with em ....

some of his victums
Cherie Ayers

Darcy Fix

Julie Reitz

Doug Altig

Randall Woodfield was charged with the murders of four people, but it is estimated that he murdered between eighteen and forty-four people. We currently have information on ten of his victims.
Cherie Ayers
Cherie was stabbed to death on October 9, 1980.
Darci Fix
Darci was shot to death in November of 1980. She was murdered with her friend Doug Altric.
Doug Altic
Doug was hot to death in November of 1980. He was murdered with his friend Darci Fix.
Shari Hull
Shari was murdered on January 18, 1981.
Donna Eckard
Donna, age 37, was murdered on February 3, 1981. She was murdered with her daughter.
Donna Eckard’s Daughter
Donna Eckard’s daughter, age 14, was murdered on February 3, 1981. She was murdered with her mother, Donna Eckard.
Julie Reitz
Julie was shot to death on February 15, 1981 in Oregon.
Sylvia Durante
Sylvia, age 21, was strangled to death in December of 1979 in Seattle.
Marsha Weatter
19 year old Marsha’s remains were found in May 1980. She was found with her friend Kathy Allen.
Kathy Allen
18 year old Kathy’s remains were found in May 1980. She was found with her friend Marsha Weatter.