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Dead 5.jpg
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dead 7.jpg

Dead Ruskie on a Wheel Barrel.jpg
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When you're Russian and realise just how much of a retard you really are...

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I was gonna use that same exact photo, and say:

"FUCK Putin, for sending teenage boys to their deaths! Complete and total fucking waste!"

This is exactly why Russia only has half the population of the US, and they keep remaining decades behind their mortal enemy, the USA. They keep sending their future into early graves. That boy should be in high school or college. He should be playing soccer or basketball or something. He should be learning a trade or even becoming a professional. Maybe an engineer who could be designing better machinery to get their shitty fucking country off the ground with better tools and whatnot.

Instead, he's laying there looking like a dead fucking retard.


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Join the Russian Military, they said, It'll be Fun! they said, "errrr, no thanks" "NO! You WILL Join the Russian Military or there could be repercussions for your family for you being a coward!" "errrr, ok"