The disappearance of Tara Calico


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This picture was taken on a plane.
Not a doubt in my mind.
Both children are terribly frightened.
Not a doubt in my mind.
She is very scared, yet angry. Can see it in her eyes.
The boy, is overwhelmed with fear.
That's no plane, that's the back of a panel truck. The most obvious indication is that you can see the slide-panel door with door handle along the left side of the photo, with basic car door locking mechanism. No air seal whatsoever. I don't know of any plane that has a door like that, but I sure have driven a lot of panel trucks like that. And a plane with shitty wood panels and those cheap rivets? No way. Plus there's a bunch of old blankets, pillows, a paperback and junk that obviously has been piled in there for quite some time, like someone is basically living back there. They made their mobile abduction/rape machine as comfy as they cared to bother with. Of course the children are terribly frightened, they've been fucking abducted, they're tied up & duct taped, they don't know if they're going to get hurt, raped or killed. Doesn't indicate anything about being on a plane. If that's a plane, it's an Econoline with wings. :trump:


I wish I could agree with you on this one, but there are a few videos around showing the inside of a few kidnap vans, and they are pretty will laid out, from all metal insides, completely sound proof walls, separate a/c ventilation.... once you enter all hope is lost


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Yea they arenโ€™t the brightest, but who cares about them itโ€™s the van and how itโ€™s set up, you can snatch a person and be gone in the blink of an eye and the van blends in anywhere
There's cameras on every corner of every street, atleast where I live, but t I'm sure someone who makes a van like that , would be mindful of the cameras๐Ÿ˜…


The cameras are a joke, where I live half of the cameras arenโ€™t even recording, the other half only look for red light runners, and by the time they get any evidence, they will be long gone.....


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1. probably some old amateur bondage-bedroom photo(also the eyes look playful and not in anyway frightened)
2. looks like two people taking the piss(what kind of kidnapper bindes their victim with toilet paper anyway?)
3. the "gag" is clearly drawn with a marker on the photo
I covered those points while you were off kumbayahing