Woman Who Has Given Birth To 44 Kids Banned From Having More Children (1 Viewer)

Grand Mal Caesar

Holy fuck me with a telephone pole!
Could u just imagine how big that BITCH musta been,to house 44 fkn babies!!!

"However, Mariam Nabatanzi has been ordered not to undergo anymore pregnancies and doctors have even stepped in and 'cut my uterus from inside', according to the Courier Mail."

Big enough for doctors to step inside and do their job.


If Florence Nightengale and Hitler had a daughter
Where have you been? It's been happening for years already. Wake up you!
In my town we might have 4 whole black families maybe and maybe 7 mexi families, the rest of the 30k are white, I feel bad for places that are getting over run but I don't have to see it day to day. Trust me I know all about it, my miserable whiney ex husband lived in London I heard about it day in and day out "m8 these bloody Turk cunts are taking over, these fooken pakis moved in the flat next door"


The weak are meat the strong do eat...
Flat earthers believe that terrible disasters constantly wipe out the population over and over again and then wipe our brains but I'm not a flat earther
You were before the brain wipe. Glad to see you survived the last apocalypse.


silent ghost
all thise kids,and not one with down syndrome or some other kind of defect? how do they remember all their names? do the kids know their names,other than "hey you"? sounds like they both need to be fixed. if shes the only one to get fixt,then hes gunna knock up other women. THEN theres gunna be a village of retards within the next generation. his 44 with her,then more with others,whats the odds they will be fucking thier half sibling? thats selfish. kids had to drop out of school to help out. which means their future is fucked! thanks mom/dad. their pics will be soon posted here in a suicide thread.

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