1. Nex

    Kurdish woman abuses step son

    Occurred on December 16th, 2015 She received 46 years in a Turkish prison for it too.
  2. K

    animals One Of The Most Barbaric Animal Abuse Vids I've Ever Seen

  3. CareeningCorpse

    Mexican Babysitter Abuses Kid

    I remember seeing this on Youtube. Since I know shit about Spanish, I cannot give you details other than that the babysitter should get murdered by Bronies. There are two videos because each shows something different. I searched and searched and didn't see the videos on this site. (Hate posting...
  4. CareeningCorpse

    Babysitter Abuses Child In Uganda

    A babysitter in Uganda is caught on camera abusing a young girl after the girls parents left for work. ON THE BRIGHT SIDE...... The bitch-sitter is now wheelchair bound and fed through tubes after the girls father beat the shit out of her. Karma's a bitch.
  5. Oderus

    animals Animal Abuse - Setting a Caged Cat on Fire

    https://archive.org/details/yeesh :gunner::why:
  6. Oderus

    animals Animal Abuse - Burning Kitten

    http://animalabusers.prochan.com/videos/t/a4b_1353701206 :4thelulz:
  7. Ora

    animals 11 minutes and 44 seconds of circus animals being abuse behind the scenes

    Quote taken from liveleak.com: "I will describe what happens for those who can't watch: Title:"Behind the scenes of the circus" The first part is 6 minutes long and is the most disturbing to watch - the footage starts in a circus backroom somewhere with 2 female and 1 male trainers and 2...
  8. tarekwood

    9yo boy murdered by homosexual after sexual abuse.

    9yo boy murdered by homosexual after sexual abuse. The parents of a murdered boy found at coqueiro beach in Parnaiba are being investigating of enticing a minor for illicit sex with a homosexual. Once they sent their son to sleep in an unknown house with an unknown man, the homosexual...
  9. ElizabethBathory

    EXTREME Domestic Abuse.

    Watch as this man physically and emotionally abuses his wife while his 12 Year Old Son records the entire thing. This is horrible and very hard to watch.
  10. Massenvernichtungwaffen

    animals Little Dog abused and Killed with a Stick

    God damn it I hate those videos, a chainsaw beheading over that shit any day! http://theync.com/static_html/dog-abuse-by-teen-punk_media.html
  11. aRyan

    BABY Is Horribly Abused By Female

    I really haven't felt this disgusted in a long time. I thought I was completely desensitized to shock videos, but this one made me feel sick to my stomach. What an evil, twisted woman. Both her and the one filming should be arrested, tried and then hanged...
  12. noobishnubs

    Hott Asian Girl Abused...

    http://theync.com/static_html/5141-disturbing-video-shows-a-girl-totally-naked-and-beaten-like-a-ragdoll_media.html Very sexy asian girl abused... All I have to say is, Where do I sign up?
  13. mayhem

    Power abuse

    So currently my country is a mess, I'm from Chile... And the hell is up because the goverment just won't listen to the 80% of the population.. And meanwhile the police officers are doing this: Well the thing that they're putting in his pants is a tear gas shot gun, it could blow his ass up...