1. DeathHand

    Syria: TOW Missles

    I tell ya, these vids are a bitch to get off sites like Twitter. They should just have a Share button like YouTube...honest. Anyways, no extreme gore in these two vids but whatever gore did happen on the ground can be imagined. In both cases, one of the many Syrian rebel factions, in this case...
  2. DeathHand

    Dead Soldiers: Ukraine War

    For the most part, the conflict in the Ukraine has subsided. There were alot of images that surfaced on the net that I posted here: Ukraine Conflict - Ongoing. Alot of video coverage was also released that I didn't post in the Vids/War section. This first set will contain 4 videos that were...
  3. DeathHand

    ISIS: Child Detonates Car

    An ISIS child soldier uses remote control to detonate an explosive laden car that contains 4 suspected spies. Raqqa, Syria, Feb. 2016. Vid link below will open a new window/tab. <ahref="" target=_blank"></a>[/URL]