1. Bloody Kisses

    Extended version of 2 officers shot during traffic stop in Tulsa, Oklahoma

    For a change, I feel bad for the cops. This annoying fucktard... If I was that cop, I’d shoot that fuck without warning for whining so much.
  2. DirtyLee666

    Shoot out In Laredo Texas

    No gore here just a good old shoot out with the cops in my home town
  3. msr

    Deputy quits after bodycam appears to catch him stealing

    (CNN)A 10-year veteran of the Volusia County Sheriff's Office in Florida resigned on Monday not long after officials released body camera video that allegedly shows the deputy taking money from the wallet of a DUI suspect. Deputy John Braman, 33, was placed on paid administrative leave last...
  4. msr

    Running? from cops.