1. Ra's Al Ghul

    Big-Boobed, Bulky, Beefy, Bloated Bulgarian Belle Becomes beached Beluga. (NOT Verified)

    I had to go through a lot and lot of trouble to get these These are exclusive photos, that i managed to procure directly from source. The photos are not the best, and i couldn't confirm the story as this was not in any news or anywhere. This death was hushed up due to consulate issues and the...
  2. msr

    What a Blunder

    Blunder (Source: Mecklenburg County Jail) CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Charlotte Transportation Security Agent (TSA) agent has been charged in a drug trafficking case after a lengthy investigation which included surveillance. Jamie Blunder, 48, is accused of being a drug distributor who traveled...
  3. Nex

    He Brought A Knife To A Gunfight

    August 5th, 2016 São Caetano, Brazil Gláucio Junior Soares de Araújo , 26 years old, a known drug trafficker and thief was found dead in an alley. Police believe he was shot during a drug deal.
  4. McM

    Revenge for drug deal gone wrong in Berlin

    At March, 15th a known 43 ys old drug dealer named Mesut T. was blasted by a bomb during peak-hour traffic in Berlin. Police are investigating the possibility that the bomb’s intended target was not the driver, Mesut T. - who died shortly after the explosion and had Turkish roots - but a Russian...
  5. DeathHand

    Two Sisters Shot Dead

    These young ladies were sisters, 24 yrs and 18 yrs, who were shot dead outside of their house. The older sister received five shots to the head while the younger sister took one bullet to the head. Inside the older sister's refrigerator police found 1/2 a kilo of nicely pressed pot. Camaçari...
  6. McM

    Bandits busted in Brazil

    Some criminals on motorbikes got busted by police forces in a favela. Police found drugs, pistols and AK/M-16 assault guns.
  7. Nex

    One Brazilian shot, the other stoned

    January 1st, 2016 Caruaru, Brazil Two teenage boys were murdered. The first boy here, between 15-20 years of age was stoned to death after an argument with friends, and dragged away to a secluded location. The 19 year old here, also a user was shot in an alleyway. He asked his mother...
  8. DeathHand

    Busty Woman Shot Dead

    This young woman was 27 years old and was executed yesterday with up to 9 gunshots, mostly to the head and face. Her name was Carla Silva and on social networks she went by the name 'Kellynha Cyclone'. Police found some cocaine in her pocket which suggested that she was a dealer but she was...
  9. Nex

    Grenade explodes in drug dealers hand killing him

    October 31st 2015 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil A drug dealer attempted to throw a hand grenade at the police but instead, exploded in his hand. He later succumbed to his injuries and died in the city hospital
  10. Dr. Gauner

    Drug User's Death Scene And Autopsy

    A drug user who knew he had no future decided to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head. Brazil?
  11. Venom

    Mexican drug cartel leader Shot

    I'll do the translation later, basically there asking who he is, and what he does, I expected more from the video, especially with the black bag in the background, guy got off easy, was hoping for some outstanding torture :(
  12. K

    Drug Cartel Salad

    I think it's French dressing they're using.
  13. Celtic Lad

    drugs shootout

    ..photo 5 is a montage of other pics.
  14. D.O.A.

    Homeless guy shot with drug dealers gun

    This happen about 6 years ago in LA and the guy tried to grab a drug dealers gun and it went off. He walked around for about two hours with his hand like that before someone called 911 about a serious cut. When the paramedics arrived they had to call other people since it was a gun shot wound.
  15. A Nameless Ghoul

    Drug Thieves

    These three stole drugs from a drug gang. The price for their crime, machete hacks to the hands. They were forced to gnaw on their fingers afterwards. From San Marco Quarter, El Salvador. Chewing on their own fingers. Recovering after their ordeal.
  16. sgrass

    Female Drug User Executed

    16 year old girl who looks like she'd been living rough. Known drug user in the area (article didn't specify, but usually it's crack down there). She'd been at her parents' house the day before, banging on the door and asking for sanctuary-claiming that her life was in danger from a man she...
  17. DeadZone

    Why you should never get behind on your drugs payment....

    Those traffickers take no prisoners, even send their wives/girlfriends to do the dirty work! Link:www.liveleak.com/view?i=814_1421419739
  18. A

    Another drug related murder.

    The victim identified as Luiz Teixeira Claris, 31, was shot dead on Friday the 5th Dec 2014. When police arrived he was already dead. According to witnesses, an unknown individual on foot, called to the victim and immediately pulled a gun and started shooting. The victim’s family said, a few...
  19. Gamera1975

    Drug Dealer Is Executed

    Executed for dealing drugs in Syria
  20. Depzman

    Drug Users Body Found Burned/ Brazil.

    Earlier this week a body was found charred in Curvelo. According to information from locals, the victim was identified as "Geraldim" 41 years old, he was a drug user, because the state of the body the military could not gather much information though foul play is suspected.
  21. CareeningCorpse

    Genius Drug Addict Drowns In Tub

    A drug addict drowns in the tub in Thailand because he's Einstein reincarnated.
  22. CareeningCorpse

    Drug Dealer Gets Scrambled Brained

    A drug dealer in Rio de Janeiro Brazil was shot and killed by rival drug dealers with an AR-15. His brains are splattered on the sidewalk. You want some scrambled brains with that toast, sir?
  23. EicelHeartsGore

    Beaten to death by drug addicts (No gore)

    You can find the original post from Facebook here. I'll translate the post because I love y'all. :homo: RONNEL DELA CRUZ (27 years old) went to Brgy. Katarungan, Bohol, Philippines for a vacation to experience what it feels like to be in a province. He was riding his motorcycle one night when...
  24. Eat Shit And Die

    Drug Dealer Nearly Decapitated On Pool Table, Brazil, 2nd August 2014

    In the early afternoon of Saturday 2nd, around 12.30pm, a dealer had his head almost removed by two assailants. On top of a pool table in San Vicente neighbourhood across the field of Sambam in the town of Bayeux metropolitan area of the capital-JP. According to preliminary information from...
  25. CareeningCorpse

    Elf High On Drugs

    Apparently, Santa left out his powdered snow, because his Elf got into it while working. :P This guy is on Cocaine, Katamine and LSD.
  26. semen

    Drugged Man Rips Off His Own Genitals

    Better do it yourself before the ex-wife rips 'em off in court! In Greater Natal a drugged man, unhappy with a cheating spouse, sat nude on a sidewalk beside a road. Witness reports state that he sat there for a while looking obviously disgruntled before ripping off his genitals. He then did...
  27. girl101

    The faces of drugs

    http://www.viralnova.com/faces-of-meth-reboot/ this is what happens when you do drugs kids. some of those pictures are downright scary to look at. when i was in school i saw similar pictures that scared me enough to never touch drugs ever.
  28. Kupu-kupu Berdarah

    Drug User Drowned In Bath

  29. hellyeah

    drug addicted teen dies in front of mom

    Poor girl was continually raped by man 40 years her senior ... all for a high...wow http://theync.com/bizarre/drugaddict.htm
  30. max_gain

    Images showing the devastating effects of the drug Krokodil

    Various images showing the hideous effects of using the drug Krokodil Cant verify this death was Krokodil related. However it was with the other images.
  31. Ramirez-Dahmer-Bundy

    Bloody corpse of the head of a Mexican drug cartel

    Covered in dollars, pesos, rosaries and his blood, “Jefe de jefes” Arturo Beltran Leyva–La Muerte–the head of the Beltran Leyva cartel lies dead following a two-hour tiroteo with a combined force of 200 Mexican marines, Navy special forces and army soldiers in an air-and-ground assault on a...
  32. hellyeah

    man killed over drug debt

    he owed US$ 250,000 to a big drug dealer in rio, the gun used was a 9mm his name was wemerson, alias "bomba" or "bomb" . Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=742_1378945302#tQ1RmyhJMYxcAsVs.99
  33. C_R

    GG video Drug Dealer Stabbed To Death in A Public Bathroom

    C_R published a new article: Check it out...
  34. Eat Shit And Die

    Drug user hangs himself, Caruaru, Brazil 2nd August 2013

    A man committed suicide by hanging on the afternoon of Friday 2nd in Caruaru. Daniel de Barros Lima, 37, was found hanged in a room under construction in front of his house, in the street of Joy Tea, next to the light in the neighborhood Boa Vista l. The body was found by people walking in front...
  35. Loosihfur

    Naked Man With a Knife Tripping on Drugs Gets Shot by German Police

    Title http://mentalzero.com/extreme-videos/shocking/naked-man-with-a-knife-tripping-on-drugs-gets-shot-by-german-police_6917/
  36. Airbornemama

    Drowned drug smuggler...

    This dude was a drug smuggler. He upset the wrong people so they bound him with rope and duct tape and then dropped him off a cliff to drown.
  37. Eat Shit And Die

    Drug Mule Dies

    Miami International Airport Cocaine Seizure - Deceased Internal On 6/21/2007, Juan Carlos GOMEZ arrived at Miami International Airport from Bogota, Colombia, on Avian flight #008. Passenger GOMEZ presented himself for inspection to CBPO Ortiz at Passport Control at 2311 hrs. CBPO Ortiz...
  38. bowhaze

    Druggie Received 3 Shots, Died In Hospital

    The crime happened around 11:30 am on a street corner of La Paz (neighborhood of João Mota). The victim identified as Graziel Paulo dos Santos 22-years-old, was shot 3 times into the lower parts of his body. The police and ambulance arrived, as the victim was lying down on the street with very...
  39. bowhaze

    Another Drug User Dumped

    It was on Thursday the 18th, when a body of a youth was found in Sitio Colonies Getulio Vargas. The body was dumped by four men, who were using a wheelbarrow to carry the body. One of the men was captured by the police. The victim was a known drug user around that area. The other three men are...
  40. bowhaze

    Female Drug Dealer Murdered

    A woman got shot dead by two men on a motorcycle. During the attack, there have also been two (possible) friends of the woman beside her. They managed it to escape without injuries. The woman was already known by the police. She was a local drug dealer. The police has now started an...
  41. tarekwood

    Female drug user found murdered inside trash bag

    Female drug user found murdered inside trash bag 21-year-old woman found murdered inside trash bag in a wasteland with 2 stab wounds to the neck, according to the locals she used to prostitute herself to support her drug use.
  42. DeathHand

    The Mexican Drug War - Part 2

    This thread will be GoreGrish's second installment covering the drug war in Mexico. All new images pertaining to the Mexican drug war will be posted in this new Part 2 thread. Members can still reach the original thread, "The Mexican Drug War - Part 1", by following this link. :)...
  43. bowhaze

    The Danger Of Selling Drugs At The Wrong Scene

    Two men have been killed in the garage "El Gato", when an armed commando named PUCD gunned them down, for selling drugs in this workshop. The commando recruits crime victims of drug sells, especially infants and women. Left on their bodies is a "narcomensaje". The police found at the crime...
  44. 0rganDonor

    Man high on drugs flings himself at car...

    ...and it looks like his skull has took a nice crack...
  45. 0rganDonor

    Russia's anti-drug vigilantes strike again...

    If you're a drug dealer in this Russian suburb, it's not the police you need to worry about... Rough Google translation... Young people who cares, fights against drug dealers in Moscow. They search for drug spots and dealers after that punish them and mark with special permanent paint...
  46. Hellwig

    Drug addict overdosing on heroin

    "Drugs = Glamour, fun, cool, hip", rite? looks like fun, eh kids? :D :no: Drugs r bad, mmkay? :hm:
  47. tarekwood

    Police Shoot & Kill Man Wielding a Golf Club During a Drug House Raid

    Police Shoot & Kill Man Wielding a Golf Club During a Drug House Raid Police! Search warrant!” Officers burst through the door. A man appears across the room. Metal glints from his clasped hands. Shots echo from a police-issue Glock 22. Todd Blair slumps to the floor...
  48. Hellwig

    Dealing to Drug Dealers - Young Russians Take Matters into Their Own Hands

    Young people fights against drug dealers Young people who cares, fights against drug dealers in Moscow. They search for drug spots and dealers after that punish them and mark with special permanent paint. Some translation: starting at 0:24, the guy with hidden microphone goes to cigarette...