1. Donkeyd

    bizarre Crackhead knocks on his dealers door in the early hours

    Those eyes are spinning 😂
  2. Monkman777

    beatings Punished By Traffickers

  3. Novus ordo seclorum

    bizarre Breaking news! Zombies invading the USA

    The country of freedom :lol:
  4. Maleficent

    bizarre ~These Guys Are High On Some Serious Drugs~

  5. Donkeyd

    fights Junkies fighting on the streets of northern England

  6. ZeroK

    bizarre WARNING! What's Your Earliest Memory

  7. Donkeyd

    cartels Opening watermelons in Colombia

  8. Maven

    bizarre High on drugs ready to fly

  9. Mackerel

    Drugs: India police say rats ate 200kg of seized cannabis

  10. msr

    Grady Judd and Fentanyl

  11. ZeroK

    bizarre A Good Employee

  12. kesha13

    Gurners of the Galaxy

  13. kesha13

    bizarre Some Dude Scalping Himself

    Some people saying it's fake, but I'm not so sure. Drugs are a hell of a drug. And good acting by those flies.
  14. Donkeyd

    bizarre Ketasaurus spotted at the Reading festival

    Rare species
  15. Monkman777

    bizarre Big Drug Bust

  16. Gurgled_Sliced_Throat

    Junkie Cop

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/police-driver-nodded-off-before-crash-in-armstrong-county/ar-AAZOFpj?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=bfc5647d994a4484a274b55f5aa43e9a The Opiate epicdemic is really bad,when a fucking cop nods out lol. You can't make this shit up...
  17. wiggins

    Accidental hash oil vaping issues: she din du nuffin...

    https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-07-08/us-basketballer-griner-pleads-guilty-to-drugs-charge-in-russia/101219166 Poor woman, she forgot to leave her hash oil at home. Everyone agrees that she's pollitical fallout between Putin and Biden over Ukrain, no one's saying she should have left her hash...
  18. Donkeyd

    bizarre Two men try ketamine instead of coke by accident...

    Hilarious results
  19. Ivan Drago

    bizarre They Got Good Quality Heroin In Russia

  20. bushybram

    bizarre Amber Heard Keeping Her Nose Clean

    In court, on the stand, blowing blow in her nose. A sly bump won't hurt, it's not like anyone's watching.
  21. msr

    Prisoner and Jailer vanish

  22. Damo0666

    Huge haul of cocaine seized in the UK

    780kg of cocaine seized by UK authorities, I wouldn't like to be the person responsible for this mistake 😳 some top draw gangsters in the UK have just lost tens of millions of pounds...
  23. Hookah-smoking-catapillar

    bizarre Wtf? Drugs?

  24. Bethy 🔥

    Dont Do Drugs Kids

  25. Hate

    Hitman strikes in crowded area

  26. Paper Cuts

    What drug does this?

    Hello. Any clue what she's taken? My first thought was bath salts, but she's not that fucked up. Ketamine?
  27. Lord Gutsy

    Zombie lady roaming around

  28. anon5576

    Taking acid 5 beers deep and tired

    Posting 5 beers deep and 300Ug of acid down about to sleep I’ll update in the morning but I feel like I need to be documented for me at idc if I’m end up being a lol cow in this shit hole site fuck all of u wignats and faggots anyway
  29. Winkles

    She Does NOT Sell crack

  30. Lynch McCoon

    Jason Statham VS The Invisible Man

  31. Gored

    Hey Lady, Your Head Is On Fire

    Chinese flakka?
  32. ElPatron


    An old Mexican man is seen snorting two massive lines of Cocaine whilst listening to ranchera music, he then shoves his entire face into what appears to be a small mountain of the stuff next to the lines... A revolver, three cellular phones and a bottle of Tecate are also visible on the table...
  33. Crusty Santa

    Jam Repost

    A moderator can delete the old thread if they wish, this series was incomplete and disorganized till now. Jaaaaaaam.
  34. Bloody Kisses

    Crazy junkie with a syringe. *cringe*

    I’m not sure whether this video is considered as gore, but that giant sticky wound on her leg and the syringe in her hand while she thrashes like a Basketball American shark is the stuff nightmares are made of. p.s. Don’t bother reading the text that is in the video. It’s purr faggotry. Source of the video...
  35. Sic

    Dude doing enough coke to kill a horse

    He's having a good time though.
  36. PowerDrill

    OverDose in the "D" Detroit city Michigan

  37. McM

    Revenge for drug deal gone wrong in Berlin

    At March, 15th a known 43 ys old drug dealer named Mesut T. was blasted by a bomb during peak-hour traffic in Berlin. Police are investigating the possibility that the bomb’s intended target was not the driver, Mesut T. - who died shortly after the explosion and had Turkish roots - but a Russian...
  38. CareeningCorpse

    Elf High On Drugs

    Apparently, Santa left out his powdered snow, because his Elf got into it while working. :P This guy is on Cocaine, Katamine and LSD.
  39. aRyan

    Russian Heroin Addicts Shooting Up In The Sewer

    First video, a couple addicts explain their situation. The next video shows others shooting up, and their legs rotting from the absolute filthy conditions they live, and shoot up, in.
  40. wino

    Drugs are Kool ......M'kay

    but some are not