1. cadaver1

    Executed on the street

  2. cadaver1

    Former cop swine killed

  3. cadaver1

    Alleged village rapists executed

    Rapist gets executed by villagers
  4. cadaver1

    Kill compilation

    GoPro / POV Kills & Deaths Compilation Volume 1 | theYNC
  5. cadaver1

    Public beheading

    One cut one head less
  6. cadaver1

    Machine gun execution

    delete, please | theYNC
  7. cadaver1

    Paedophiles get public execution.

    Public execution of two pedophiles in Yemen
  8. cadaver1

    Double execution

  9. cadaver1

    Shoot that fucker

    EXECUTION: Revenge Taken Out on Rival Gang Member | theYNC
  10. cadaver1

    Kid gets shot

    SAD: 5 year old Boy Killed by Head Shot in Store | theYNC
  11. cadaver1

    point blank shotgun execution

    CrazyShit.com | BOOM - Crazy Shit!
  12. cadaver1

    Public hanging of kiddie fiddler

    Child Rapist Being Executed At Dusk | theYNC
  13. cadaver1

    Public hanging

    Public Hanging | theYNC
  14. cadaver1

    Fight ends in murder

    Drunk argue ends with a murder
  15. cadaver1

    Quick and easy execution

    Kneeling Rival Takes 4 Bullets
  16. cadaver1

    Sprayed with bullets

    The Handsome Executioner Poses Before and After | theYNC
  17. cadaver1

    Great execution

    Cold Blooded Execution
  18. cadaver1

    New execution

  19. cadaver1

    Kiddy fucker gets public execution

    NEW: Child Rapist Being Executed in Front Of the Crowd | theYNC
  20. cadaver1

    2 girls get stabbed in the face and neck

    A gang member stabbed two girls on their necks and faces. | theYNC
  21. cadaver1

    Another Brazilian execution

  22. cadaver1

    Executed in Brazil

    NEW: Couple Brutally Executed by Drug Dealers in Brazil | theYNC
  23. cadaver1

    Execution of two prisoners

  24. cadaver1

    cartels 4 cops killed

  25. cadaver1

    Execution in Brazil

    Brazil Grass Execution
  26. cadaver1

    Danish girl beheaded [Full Video]

    FULL VIDEO: Danish Teen Girl Beheaded in Morocco | theYNC
  27. cadaver1

    Young prostitute murdered

  28. cadaver1

    And even quicker execution

    Already Wounded Man is Executed by Pistol with Two Shots in the Head | theYNC
  29. cadaver1

    Quick execution

  30. cadaver1

    Soldier executed

  31. cadaver1

    Execution by kurdish militants

    NEW Shotgun Execution By Kurdish Militants | theYNC
  32. cadaver1

    Brutal slicing of throat

    Man is Partially Beheaded with Butcher Knife | theYNC
  33. cadaver1

    Taxi driver murders thief

  34. cadaver1

    Imam gets assassinated

  35. cadaver1

    Uzi execution [Full video]

    https://kaotic.com/video/evQ08F3u_20181230013850_t I know that i have pretty much posted the same vid. But here is the full video of the execution. Hope you enjoy.
  36. cadaver1

    street execution

    Murderer on the Street Finishes Him with Close Range Headshot | theYNC
  37. cadaver1

    Decapitation,murder and self mutilation compilation

    Havoc Gore there are a couple of oldies but goodies in this one. And lots of decapitations.
  38. cadaver1

    Machine gun execution

  39. cadaver1

    Woman made to watch friends execution

  40. cadaver1

    Bloke gets executed in front of shop customers.

    Cashback, Bitch! :rambo:
  41. cadaver1

    Two women and there children executed in Cameroon

    Execution of Women and Children by Armed Group in Cameroon – Best Gore
  42. DeathHand

    ISIS: Machine Gun Execution

    Two captured Syrian soldiers are executed by a member of ISIS/ISIL, both being shot point-blank in the back of the head with a heavy machine gun. Some nice head blasting in this one. And if you don't know yet, turn your speakers down incase the singing is loud, lol. ;) Syria, Nov. 17, 2016...
  43. DeathHand

    El Salvador Execution

    This poor guy drove a pick-up truck and taxied people around. That is until members of one gang in the area grabbed him and took him in the jungle. He was tied up and beaten before the machetes came out and after a few whacks off came his head, and a hand, and an arm. Soon his arms, legs and...
  44. DeathHand

    Recent Dead Women Pt 4

    This is my fourth installment of Recent Dead Women images. The previous three threads can be viewed using the links below: 1. Recent Dead Women 1 2. Recent Dead Women 2 3. Recent Dead Women 3 As with the previous 3 threads, this one will contain images of women who died 'recently' from any...
  45. DeathHand

    Potato Sack Man

    This man was executed and dismembered by unknown persons who left his body parts in a potato sack at the side of a road. The smell of putrid potatoes is one thing...the smell of this guy... Nova Esperança (New Hope, in English), Brazil, Nov. 8, 2014 1. And no, that's not his pecker... 2...
  46. eumesmo

    cartels Shooting the snitch

  47. DeathHand

    MX: Kidnap & Execute

    We might be starting to see a resurgence of reported cartel violence in Mexico... This dude was an alleged member of one cartel and was captured by members of another cartel. After interrogating, torturing and beating the shit out of the guy the other cartel killed him. As per usual, a very...
  48. DeathHand

    ISIS: Shotgun (Pics & Vid)

    This Iraqi soldier was captured somewhere in the Diyala Province of Iraq during the night after ISIS militants stormed his house. Later, during the day, he was brought to remote area where an executioner with a shotgun shot the soldier in the head, point blank, and then fired 3 more rounds into...
  49. DeathHand

    2 Brothers Executed Shotgun

    These two guys were brothers and ended up dead on a remote hill, each with a shotgun blast to the head. No indication about motive or the killers. La Musical, Venezuela, June 20, 2016. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.