1. AxlFr

    Pretty teen girl found beheaded

    Teen girl found beheaded. No more infos. Sorry if it's repost.
  2. Syko5150

    Girls killed

  3. Ra's Al Ghul

    Brazilian Female's corpse floating mysteriously on banks of River.

    ''//Found from my spanish chatroom sources! // Cassi Rodrigues found her body on the banks of the Ribeira de Eldorado Paulista river, no reason to know, From her FB you can see she even checked into the region on FB, now more than 20 hrs before she was found dead and floating I've found no...
  4. Ra's Al Ghul

    Moderately popular 22yr old Brazilian Model commits suicide by hanging herself in her shower cubicle after sex tape goes viral.

    Had been following this case for nearly a week hoping to find dead pictures! Finally found them on a Closed chatroom! so here goes... Millena Andrade Chavez, 22 years † Suicide by hanging News: Model Millena Andrade, 22, was found dead in her apartment in the Alto da Glória neighborhood in...
  5. artnicesnazgul

    After collision young woman dies by hitting her head in the ground

    The episode occurred in a small town in Brazil.
  6. Ra's Al Ghul

    Dominican Republic: two timing 19y/o girl killed and her 2nd boyfriend assaulted by the 1st boyfriend on last day of 2018!

    Yulianny a 19-Year-oldresident of Regla Villalona, was dating two men at the same time. One didn't like it so her year ended with a BANG! ;) Dominican Republic- Killed on 31/12/18 Deceased's Facebook: Yulianny' Facebook Young student died on the morning of this monday after receiving two...
  7. Ra's Al Ghul

    21 yr old Brazil chick died by drowning after a night out when car flipped and fell in river

    + Milena Cartaxo + 21 years + died this morning (19) around 07:30. She returned by car from a center of vaquejada in cajazeiras-PB, when the car in which was fell inside a river. She was inebriated after partying. lost control of car . it flipped into river.. she drowned. alive pics...
  8. Ra's Al Ghul

    16 yr old girl found dead with neck slashed in Brazil

    Google translated from Spanish article. //Maria Eduarda Silva Azevedo, 16 years old, was found dead last Tuesday (05/14/19), in Morro do Macaco, in the Bela Vista Neighborhood, with several perforations in the neck. According to information, the victim was killed by members of a criminal...
  9. M

    Shark Attack

    Girl corpse attacked by shark. Vid downed from iMule(eMule). BTW I'm new here, is it allowed to use MEGA? Seems nobody's using this one MEGA
  10. T

    School Girl Raped and Stabbed to Death

    A 13-year-old girl was walking home from school was attacked and killed.
  11. bogies

    The girl who lives in a plastic bowl (i shit you not)

    Rahma Haruna was born with a mystery condition. The 19yr old from Kano, Nigeria was born a healthy baby but when she turned 6mths her growth came to a sudden halt. If this has been posted before I'm gunna cry... I'll pass on what ever she's eating :blegh:
  12. D

    Young woman found dead

    Maha Sarakham, Thailand A university student found dead by the side of the road, heavily bloated. I guess the guy in pic is the culprit. Not much more information.
  13. tenguix

    Fraser Syndrome | Menstrual Blood Drainage

    Interesting specimen here. Fraser Syndrome is ... A fifteen-year-old girl presented with Fraser Syndrome & a mass in the lower abdomen. These photos show the developmental defects associated with the syndrome. Right cryptopthalmos: Syndactyly in both hands and both feet: Umbilical...
  14. Nex

    23 Year Old Girl Placed In A Hole And Stoned To Death By The Taliban

    She was accused of adultery, she had been married off against her will and found a man she actually loved. Barbaric - 23 Year Old Girl Placed In A Hole And Stoned To Death By The Taliban
  15. M

    Cute biker girl dead

    As title says. I don't have further information, but if someone have, it would be welcome.
  16. Celtic Lad

    Dead Girl with the Beautiful Boobs

    Feira de Santana - Brazil. The dead girl with the beautiful boobs is 20 yr old Taiuri Silva de Araújo stabbed to death by her 19 yr old boyfriend - and hidden in a large crate on the back of a cart. Police counted 50 stab wounds on her dead body.
  17. Celtic Lad

    The Girl with the Very Bad Headache

    5 Bullets in the head would give anyone a Very Bad Headache - but this girl came prepared - she has her blister-packed DORFLEX tablet lying right beside her - guaranteed to sort out any headache - even the very bad ones.
  18. Graziani

    truck killing girl

  19. D.O.A.

    Chinese girl set on fire by angry wife

    A Chinese woman is accused of fatally setting her husband's mistress on fire before unsuccessfully attempting to commit suicide.
  20. D.O.A.

    Turkish girl falls 5 floors to her death

    The sparkles were a nice touch
  21. Nex

    Preacher hacks girlfriend to pieces - Dominican Republic

    Jan 11, 2014 Puerto Plata - Dominican Republic A 24 year old woman and her 2-month old daughter were brutally slaughtered by a student preacher. The kid received 1 fatal blow and the woman received more than 10. He has been captured and is in custody. I could not find a motive as to why
  22. qdherculis

    Chinese 18 year old girl autopsy full version

    wish anyone download it and put to other website cuz it could be deleted soon
  23. Graziani

    girl and her butt

  24. G

    Politically engaged car knocks down an innocent girl (Donetsk, 'New Russia')

    The thing is: a girl has been unhurt in all those bloody events in and around Donetsk but was killed by a drunk driver on the car decorated with the highly pro-Russian 'George ribbon'! What a cruel fate!
  25. DeathHand

    2 Yro Girl Run Over Twice

    A 2 year old girl is run over twice after wandering away from her mother. Guangzhou, China, November 11, 2013
  26. CareeningCorpse

    Civilians Attack Man Who Stabbed His Girlfriend

    Guess she bought the wrong stuff to make a sandwich. This happened in a mall in Thailand.
  27. Graziani

    girl trapped on the boom

  28. DeathHand

    15 Yro Girl Throat Slashed

    Well I suppose the pics say it all in terms of another senseless murder of a young female. Caruara, Brazil, July 15, 2015. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  29. DeathHand

    12 Yro Raped-Murdered

    A 44 year old man raped his 12 year old female neighbour, who went missing the evening before the day she was found. After raping her, the man, using one or two machetes slashed open the girls throat, cut a deep gash near her genital area and cut open her abdomen. Police described the man as...
  30. not_a_robot

    16 yr old burnt to death after good beating

    Apologies if this has already been posted. Story is this 16 year old was one a several who murdered a taxi driver in Guatemala City. She got caught, the others did not. Angry mob beat the shit out of her then burnt her to death. Enjoy.
  31. D.O.A.

    Girl on a motorcycle killed by a line strung across the road

    From Brazil, apparently "landowners" (translation) string line across the street to kill motorcyclists for some fucked up reason. She didn't invest in one of these.
  32. holyblacksun

    Young girl [15 years old] brutally murdered in Brazil

    July 14, 2015 Brazil The local police from Caruaru is still investigating in this hideous crime. :rant:
  33. Annihilator

    Another jealous boyfriend kills girl in Thailand

    Chulavorn Kaeopaen, 15-year-old, was shot dead in Sichon, Nakhon Si Thammarat, presumably by her boyfriend. She was killed by a shotgun blast to the neck. (Normally I don't spend time in anything other than hanged girls, but I loathe those people who put watermarks on searchable content. They...
  34. M

    Girl commits suicide by pesticide

    I found this. Don't know if it's fake or not. If it's fake, please excuse me. The foam looks a bit strange, almost like bath foam... That's why I wonder if it's fake or not
  35. D.O.A.

    Girl on a scooter, no match for a truck

    I think the phone might still be okay.
  36. King-scum

    Dead Girl

    Does Anyone know the cause of death?
  37. D.O.A.

    17 year old girl dies in a bike accident

    A 17-year-old died in an accident involving the motorcycle she was driving and a public bus at the roundabout in Campina Grande Center in Paraíba (112 km from Joao Pessoa). The girl identified as Naiara Ellen would have hit the side of the bus and fell under the vehicle. The driver of the bus...
  38. D.O.A.

    Indonesian girl cut in half by a train

  39. PowerDrill

    Only in China - Little girl flattened by Truck

    Little girl in China decides to play around a truck when it backed up and flattened her like a pancake. But man when her mom picks her up and tries to console is some heart wrenching stuff.
  40. M

    Drowned girl

    Cute 19 YO chinese girl drowned.
  41. Graziani

    little girl decapitaded by mother

    more info
  42. Graziani

    boyfriend decapitated your girl

    more info
  43. Pibe Gore

    Civilian police committed suicide after killing his girlfriend

    Brazil - The murder happened on the night of Friday (May 29), in the food court of the Buriti Shopping. The civil guard fired on the young girl, then shot himself in the head. He came to be rescued by the fire department, but died early Saturday (May 30) at the Emergency Hospital of Goiânia...
  44. Annihilator

    Teen girl found hanged in Cristo Rey.

    Apparently this girl hanged herself in Cristo Rey, Santiago, Dominican Republic. She didn't leave a suicide note nor show any discernible sign. It is hard to find a drooling girl these days, so I snapshot some picture and post it here instead of the desolate video section. Video: VRjSju2_cSU...
  45. EicelHeartsGore

    Better images (slideshow) of dressed up corpses of young girls in Anatoly Mosvkin's home

    Thought I'd share this video I found on YouTube that includes close-up and better images of the corpses of the girls he dug up and dressed up. There was a previous post about him here by Pukebag that contains the details about what happened. Video below:
  46. _Xtina_

    Amateur bare-knuckle girl fight!!.html