1. Ralph666

    Man Attempts free ride on Train, gets leg crushed, India

    He should have done himself a favor and stuck his head under the wheels to finish himself off. Because it didn't look like anyone was too interested in helping.. Man falls under the train gets leg ripped off | theYNC
  2. Ra's Al Ghul

    Shikha Joshi suicide throat slit

    Model-turned-actress, Shikha Joshi, 40, was discovered with a sharp knife lodged in her throat in her friend's home in Andheri, a sprawling suburb in northern Mumbai, a bustling city famous for its Hindi film industry. The police have quickly labeled the incident as suicide and even reasoned...
  3. Ra's Al Ghul

    Indian Female shot to death

    Patna,Bihar: in Patna incidents of crime are not stopping. Patna is the recent case of Jakknpur station, where criminals have shot dead a young woman from Indore. This event is on Monday morning. 23-year-old had to go to Patna Jain creation. She came out of the house,and was sitting in the...