1. Vwj

    London has fallen

    The police commissioner has said the pro Palestinians can protest on armistice weekend Fucking disgrace
  2. D.O.A.

    Crime London cops violently assaulted by Kathy McGriffin

  3. vaga

    fights Full moon in Leicester Square

    Fight starts in the street and ends up in McDonalds. The guy's face at the end had me in stitches, lol.
  4. Donkeyd

    bizarre Barbican London

    Pretty cool
  5. Donkeyd

    Crime The Putney bridge jogger

    In May 2017, on Putney Bridge in London, an unidentified male jogger forcefully pushed a woman walking on a pedestrian walkway into the path of an oncoming bus. The man calmly continued jogging without a pause or change in pace, even as the woman fell backward onto the road. The bus driver...
  6. Donkeyd

    Stratford. London

  7. Blood_Sport

    Naked Lady Bus Driver

    Just got this via a bus drivers WhatsApp group
  8. Cold Ethyl

    Met Police officer David Carrick admits to being serial rapist

    Metropolitan Police armed officer who used his role to put fear into his victims has admitted dozens of rape and sexual offences against 12 women. David Carrick, 48, who met some victims through dating websites, pleaded guilty to 49 offences across two decades. The Met has apologised after it...
  9. Donkeyd

    Restaurant ablaze in London

    And in typical English fashion they leave with their alcohol in hand 🤣
  10. frederykruysch

    Climate protesters throw tomato soup on Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ painting

    LONDON (AP) — Climate protesters threw soup over Vincent van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” in London’s National Gallery on Friday to protest fossil fuel extraction, but caused no damage to the glass-covered painting. The group Just Stop Oil, which wants the British government to halt new oil and gas...
  11. Donkeyd

    accident Notting hill carnival

    Strangely addictive watching this.
  12. Donkeyd

    Serious Man stabbed multiple times last night in Hornchurch

    No update on condition or if scum was caught. Keep kneeling fuckers... link
  13. SeekingReality

    accident Bikers Last Day On The Road.

    Accident occurred 15th April in Whitechapel, East London. Over here pretty commonplace, that the biker was speeding and not paying any attention, hence went slap bang into the back of a car at high speed. After the collision with the car and being flung, the head of the the motorcyclist was run...
  14. SeekingReality

    Fire At A High-Rise Building, Aldgate. London.

    Fire and large shards of glass falling, as a dozens of firefighters work at the scene. A few slight injuries reported, otherwise no other info.
  15. msr

    London bar accident

  16. ascendancy18

    German ISIS Supporter Jailed For Sharing Execution Videos & Discussing Potential Attack

    23yo Florian Flegel, from Ratingen, Germany, had been staying with friends in London when he sent messages containing extremist material to his friend in Germany about the terrorist group ISIS. He sent videos of beheadings and even discussed a potential attack on a football stadium. He was...