1. Ra's Al Ghul

    22 year old Ukrainian girl , Anastasia Levada, dies in her sleep in Moscow.

    Found this on an online Chat room a week or more ago, forgot to post here earlier! 22 yr old Anastasia Levada was from Chernihiv, Ukraine. She had travelled to Moscow , Russia in search of further studies// internship// employment (I'm really not sure thanks to horrible translations.) It seems...
  2. Liver1

    From Russia with love

    Guy from Russia is dismembered, ends up with a much better haircut. :whoa:
  3. Ralph666

    Russian Serial Killer now most prolific in Russia History

    Former Police Officer Mikhail Popkov who is serving a life sentence in a penal colony after being found guilty of 56 murders on Monday - in addition to the 22 he was already serving time for. Of the 77 victims there were only two survivors. One victim said what she recalled was him 'repeatedly...
  4. Hel

    Russian ambassador in Turkey assassinated by off-duty cop
  5. Nex

    Terrorist of Babayurtovskiy group killed by Russian FSB

    Kalmykia, Dagestan This is what's left of at least 1 of 2 men belonging to the Babayurtovskiy terrorist group that were wanted in killing of a police officer in Russia, tracked down and "neutralized" in Dagestan in October by the FSB. Ministry of Internal Affairs put out a reward of 3 Million...
  6. Ra's Al Ghul

    pretty russian female drowned (15/6/2006)

    this is a collection of pictures of a russian female drowned back in 2006. pretty old, but this is the largest collection of images about the pretey lass enjoy