suicide bomber

  1. cadaver1

    Suicide Bomber

    Suicide Bomber Runs at Soldiers But is Taken Out Quick | theYNC
  2. DeathHand

    Female Suicide Bomber - BOOM

    The fight by Islamic extremists to try and force Russia into giving them autonomy in the Caucasus regions is still going on. A pretty 25 year old woman had recently converted to Islam, married an Islamic guy and moved to his residence in Dagestan. Not long after, she is dressed in a long black...
  3. Jon E(vil)

    Suicide bomber blows himself up.

    Cornered he sets off the explosives, flies thru the air. The YNC
  4. DeathHand

    Cairo Church Suicide Bomber

    A few weeks back a 22 year old man, strapped with explosives and walked into St. Peter's Church (a Copt church) and blew himself up, taking dozens of people with him. There are pics of the inside of the church but only after all of the bodies had been removed. So this little thread will just...
  5. DeathHand

    Quetta Hospital Suicide Attack

    After a senior lawyer was shot dead, dozens of other lawyers and journalists went to the hospital where his body was being brought. A militant Taliban break-off group had it well planned. As they expected, mourners gathered at the hospital. Among them would be one of their suicide bombers. The...
  6. DeathHand

    Suicide Bomber With Boner

    A suicide bomber in a car laden with explosives detonated his payload at the entrance of a military training camp. He managed to kill several others along with himself and his car. I think that "payload" is the operative word in this incident... Kismayo, Somalia, August 22, 2015. 1. 2. 3...
  7. Nex

    Suicide bomber blown in half, still alive.

    November 3rd, 2015 Aden, Yemen Suicide bomber tried to attack a building downtown, but before he could the belt exploded essentially cutting him in half
  8. D.O.A.

    Suicide bomber in Turkey

  9. DeathHand

    Nigeria: Big Meat Chunk

    So this guy, person, suicide bomber, whatever it was...walked into an area and blew himself up. Bang! Ka-Boom! Ignition! Just like that- but someone forgot to tell him that there was no one around when he pushed the button. Another bomber, however, did manage to explode and kill dozens of...
  10. DeathHand

    Somalia Suicide Bomber

    This set goes back a few years and shows the remains of a one-legged suicide bomber who blew himself up infront of a school without causing any casualties. Mogadishu, Somalia, August 1, 2012 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Looks like 2 faces...
  11. DeathHand

    Female Suicide Bomber

    This young lady did what Boko Haram members told her to do and walked into a crowd of civilians and detonated the explosives that were strapped to her body. Eight people died in the blast, including her. Damaturu, Nigeria, February 16, 2015 1. 2. 3. 4.
  12. SicMonster666

    Yemen: Dozens dead as suicide bombers strike Shia mosques in Sanaa

    Over sixty people were killed when suicide bombers attacked two Shia mosques attended by Houthis in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa during midday (Jummah) prayers on Friday, injuring a further 100 worshippers.
  13. DeadZone

    Yemeni suicide bomber detonates during religious celebration

    Seems an apt a time as any.... Extended version showing aftermath:
  14. Gamera1975

    Suicide Bomber Fail

    On the 24th of December , at a security check point in Bajoga , Nigera . A suicide bomber loaded his Honda vehicle with IED 's He then sped up and rammed his car into a security checkpoint containing soldiers , which were to be his targets The explosives failed to detonate . So the...
  15. D.O.A.

    The head of a Nigerian suicide bomber

    "No, it's my turn to hold it!"
  16. D.O.A.

    Suicide bomber van drive through

    I like how they just drive past the oblivious armoured vehicle. :yerdumb:
  17. Eat Shit And Die

    Syrian Suicide Bomber Aftermath.

    This video shows Syrian Hospital in Damascus to be flooded with what looks like dozens of the dead and dying victims of an apparent terrorist attack carried out with a car bomb in Bab al-Salam (باب السلام) - "The Gate of Peace" - one of eight ancient city-gates of Damascus. Any one has any...
  18. DeadZone

    Suicide bomber lost his head

  19. C_R

    Female Suicide Bombers - Before & After

  20. DeadZone

    Suicide bomber lets rip in middle of a crowd
  21. Ramirez-Dahmer-Bundy

    The Face of a Suicide Bomber

  22. Buxombrunette993

    Suicide Bomber Bloody and Breathing
  23. max_gain

    Remains of suicide bomber in morgue

    Body parts of suicide bomber being sifted through in morgue. He looks a bit pastey faced !
  24. holyblacksun

    Female suicide bomber [ Russia - Dagestan]

    A female suicide bomber identified as a widow of two killed Islamists blew herself up in the southern Russian region of Dagestan injuring at least 12, including two children and five police officers. She detonated an explosives-laden belt in the central square in the provincial capital...
  25. max_gain

    Suicide Bomber Aftermath.

    Shows the aftermath of another dumbass suicide bomber. Authorities retrieve bits of the blown apart corpse in all its graphic detail and throw it into the back of a truck.
  26. holyblacksun

    Look inside a suicide bombers head...

    72 virgins..., isn't going to happen. LOL :huuurp:
  27. Ramirez-Dahmer-Bundy

    Multiple Suicide Bombers

    Pakistani devotees stand among the blast victims bodies following a suicide bomb attacks outside the shrine of 13th century Sufi saint Ahmed Sultan, popularly known as Sakhi Sarwar, in Dera Ghazi Khan district on April 3, 2011. Two suicide bomb attacks outside a shrine in the central Pakistani...
  28. kipdevil

    Suicide Bomber

  29. AngrySwede

    Three FSA suicide bombers shot dead

    Wonder if they still get their 72 virgins...
  30. ElizabethBathory

    Two suicide bombers blew themselves up in Grozny August 6, 2012

    Power of the explosion was about 8 kg of TNT Killed three soldiers
  31. M

    another Suicide bomber FAIL

  32. ElizabethBathory

    Pakistani peoples gather to look at the dead body of a suicide bomber

    On the outskirts of Quetta on November 5, 2011. A man blew himself up in a failed suicide bombing on November 5, in Pakistan’s southwest, where a recent surge in sectarian unrest has killed dozens of Shiite Muslims
  33. DeathHand

    Suicide Bomber Fail: Afghan

    This nicely dressed dude (what? I think the blue head thing looks cool) failed in his suicide mission against some target in Hazara, Afghanistan, on Nov. 5, 2011, and instead blew himself up. He's gonna be so pissed when nothing awaits him on the other side. 1. 2. 3. 4. Camera, but no...
  34. C_R

    Lol #4 (Suicide Bomber)

  35. B

    Remains of a young suicide bomber in Faryab prov. (Graphic)

    Remains of a young suicide bomber in Faryab prov. (Graphic) Ame Sensible: S'abstenir On Blip.Tv: <embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="480" height="414" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed>...
  36. graveland

    Pray to Allah , and commit suicide bomber [Afghanistan]

    Pray to Allah , and commit suicide bomber [Afghanistan]
  37. DeadZone

    Suicide Bomber in Somalia Attacks Graduation Ceremony

    Suicide Bomber in Somalia Attacks Graduation Ceremony