1. Nex

    Thai man killed by hit and Run

    January 24th, 2016 40 year old man was struck by a truck that fled the scene. Still under investigation.
  2. Nex

    Vehicle failed to yield at a checkpoint in Dagestan

    Chabanmakhi, Dagestan This is all that remains of 4 militants that tried to run a Russian checkpoint on the outskirts of Chabanmakhi. They were given multiple warnings, the driver with his three passengers ignored them, sped up, a passenger opened fire on the guards who opened fire causing the...
  3. Dr. Gauner

    Deadly Toyota Impale Neck through His Wooden by a Beam

    34-year-old male hit another car before crashing into a gate entrance and a wooden beam.
  4. Dr. Gauner

    Merchant Executed

    A 51-year-old merchant was murdered on September 20, 2015 in Santa Cruz. Various monitoring cameras installed on site are helping the police to identify the criminal who fled after committing the crime. According to reports the victim was driving a Toyota Hilux pickup truck when he encountered...
  5. Dr. Gauner

    Dead Driver Lay Top Of His Truck

    Back on 7th September in Brazil, a truck driver crashed his vehicle leaving behind an interesting scene. From the damage seen, it looks to have come off the road and fallen down a steep slope.