Coffee Spill!!! Everyone Off The Bus! (1 Viewer)


Britain seems to be going mad.

A bus driver ordered all his passengers off his vehicle after a woman spilled some coffee on board in a case billed as 'health and safety gone mad'.
Ten passengers were travelling on the Wilts and Dorset bus service at Westbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset, when their journeys were cut short after a small amount of drink was upset on the floor by a woman trying to buy a ticket.
Passenger Robert Readman, queueing behind the woman, said only a third of the coffee hit the floor - but all the passengers were told to exit immediately.

'The bus driver said it was for health and safety reasons, he told everyone "we can't go, it's too dangerous".
'He shut the doors, pulled the bus to the kerb and ordered everybody off and phoned to somebody at the depot to come and clean it.
'The ridiculous thing was the amount spilled was far less water than you would get when people are getting on and off in the rain.
'It could have been cleaned up with a couple of tissues.

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