bizarre Dude Drove Over Woman Several Times In New Jersey (1 Viewer)

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He was obviously trying to warn the bitch? Honest mistake. New driver.


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Let's consider the charges shall we.
1.) Tempted murder 2.) Reckless driving 3.) Trust passing / can anybody else think of some of and there most likely a degree of some short of what you call it "minors" involved due to the school bus.
What is trust passing......


Filming instead of helping. Real hero. Why are there so many pussies. This is a disease since the year 2000 began. What happened ffs

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The way he's blowing his horn, it kinda reminds me of Richie Aprile running down Beansie with his car.



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please don't help her, just keep yelling 'wtf' and keep on filming. what a hero...


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How in god’s name do you let yourself get run over by a car going 5 mph through a yard?! Why would she run on the open grass where the car can drive?! Pivot, bitch! Damn!