Florida Cam. Watch Hatching and Raising of Bald Eagles

Would you believe she's about to round the corner and head towards the 30 year mark?
Because she is... ♡♡♡
Lovely Harriet was spotted in one of the pines near the nest last week, then she flew to the back end of Yonder pond. They like it back there in the summer. No sign of M, she was alone...


Some of the horses in the pasture with the nest...

This is Yonder pond...
...back side.


...front end.
It's a fairly large pond...
And pretty.

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I sent out the question. May take her a few to get back to me.
In the past this nest box has had material from nature that is very similar in color and texture to the rug. So I'm guessing that for safety and health issues reguarding an operation, they substituted nature for the closest thing possible for purchase of footing and so they can just pull out that piece and insert a fresh new one, if need be.
If you scroll down past the vid, there's a comment section. Anyone can always comment and ask questions. She'll answer, or another watcher will. Very nice folks, all of them.
Lovely Harriet, Handsome M15... you two hunker down, ya hear? We want very much to see you both in the next few months.

That's a great trick, keeps them from getting comfortable with humans as a food source.
That's an eagle, look at them feets!
I love their feets.
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