Florida Cam. Watch Hatching and Raising of Bald Eagles

hope they find who the drone belongs to,and dishes it out to them accordingly. all the while,stomping on the drone.
It's a federal offense.
This nest is known globally, very popular.
The powers that be are on the hunt.
According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission(FWC)...
UVA's or drones, shall not be flown within 1,000 feet of a nest during the nesting season to avoid injury to the eagle or disrupt the nesting pair.
Flying near an eagle nest may not violate the Federal Aviation Act regulations, though they might... eliciting any reaction from a nesting pair is against the law.

Under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Bald/Golden Protection Act... forcing a bird to leave it's nest or perch could be a 5,000 dollar fine or a year in prison. Second violation 10,000 and/or up to two years in prison, according to the Fish and Wildlife Service.
*Felony convictions come with a maximum fine of 250,000 and or 2 years imprisonment.
**Fines double for organizations.
She's a mom on a mission, didn't move an inch... until he gave her a nudge.
He's a mighty good man.
I love how they call to one another, in what should be radio silence. So soft and precise.

Boy, are they having a go this season.
And... fyi

The egg hatch count down is on...
A pip showing should start for the first egg on or about the 16th... the second egg, even though it was layed 4 days later, will be on watch too.
Harriet and M are very good at brooding and incubating. The hatch(s) might very well be within 2 days of each other.
M didn't want to give up his spot last night.
He's brooding, Harriet is on top of the crib rails waiting to start her over night shift.
615p H waits.JPG.jpg

...and waiting.
She's vocating to him, softly.
He ain't budging.
615p H waits 2.JPG.jpg

...and waiting.
816p and waits h.JPG.jpg

Finally, he gets up.
816p M up1.JPG.jpg

Here's a good look at the perfect bowl the eggers are in....
616p m2attic.JPG.jpg
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The eggs are on official pip watch, their 35 days are up... if all goes well(which it will) we should have 2 fuzzy bobble heads to entertain us, by this time next week.