Greece To Open 30 Detention Centers For Immigrants To Stop Crime Epidemic


It would be better if they just drove them into the sea or the desert, but whatever. This is a start. Hopefully it will show a lot of residents that White is Right - Brown is Bad when crime drops significantly along with the immigrants.

Greece will open the first of up to 30 camps for illegal immigrants within weeks, in what some describe as a "desperate bid" to contain the social chaos prompted by the economic crisis.

A wave of migrants from the developing world has been blamed for a rise in crime that authorities say has assumed "epidemic proportions".

Break-ins, robberies, muggings and murders have soared, with burglaries rising by 125% in the greater Athens region in 2011, according to Greek police.

"On the basis of arrests and investigations we believe that up to 70% of violent crime is perpetrated by foreigners and I say this without wishing to demonise migrants," said police spokesman Thanassis Kokkalakis.

"Unfortunately, the influx has increased with a 20% rise in the number of Africans and south-east Asians noted across the Greek-Turkish border since the start of 2012."

"They will call us racists for doing this but the situation is clearly out of control," said Vangelis Kontopoulos, who helps run a cafe within view of the Acropolis.