bizarre homeless dude stabbed while taking a nap (1 Viewer)

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Basement dweller with a fedora, prob got 10 max level WoW characters. and living in his mom's basement, which looks like a garbage dump. He probably got bored and decided it would be cool to go out and kill a defenseless homeless guy in his Discord Mod Evil Guy Costume.


I am better than you!
Such evil in the world! How can you stab someone when they are at the lowest point in their life, and suffering already…I hope this POS gets caught and beaten to a pulp, and then burn alive for all the shit he has done to other innocent victims!
I want to see this happened to all bums. Then we won’t have a homeless problem.


first floor room 16
if there were a job where u could kill criminals, murderers and other subhumans legal, it would be my dreamjob
imagine getting home after work and telling ur kids: i made the world 0,003% safer and better by torturing and killing the bad energy out of this world