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A very interesting and dramatic movie, how the world can be in a dystopian future. 10/10
And I love John Hurt, a great actor.
'Big Brother is watching you' Did you read the book? A classic. We even had it at school in sociology as it is a socio-fiction.
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Interesting, but mostly boring. The film had the main horror set pieces you would expect to find in most 'hollywood' films.
Story wise, it had a interesting twist, but that was literally in the last few minutes and it never explained how or why the red suited people existed. If it did on some 'deeper' level, i missed it and don't care. My brother and i saw it in a theater, when i asked him what he would rate it out of ten, 5.5-6 was his answer. He doesn't watch as many movies as i do and certainly not ones with subtitles.
Which is what ill be sticking in the future.

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
Cinderella. 2006. South Korea.
More drama than horror, but some creepy parts.
The story evolves slowly but centers around a female plastic surgeon. She does procedures on her daughters friends and a 'evil spirit' is killing or just menacing them. The flashback half way thru provides the info as to why and then the film moves more into the drama.
Complicated but interesting.

I listened to a few short spoiler podcasts about Us today, it kinda filled in the blanks after i tuned out of the film. Thinking about it now it doesn't entirely change my opinion of the film, but when it gets explained who the reds are was right at the end.
Jorden Peel did do a good job on the film, but he is writing the remake of Candyman, it'll be a shame if he laces it with humour.
No eng subs
vinegar syndrome's dvd/ blu-ray releases of cult double feature drive-in features ( from vol.4's five yrs:5 films boxed set)

nerdgasm alert...*cry wildnerness (1987) great for good laughs''

the double bill trailer

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
The guilty. 2018. Denmark.
10 out fucking 10!!.
An outstanding phone call thriller.
A cop who has a courtcase with him as the defendant the next day is on emergency call duty. He gets a call from a woman who says she has been kidnapped.
The film deals mainly with him, the other officers in the area only have very limited dialouge. The film is just under 90 mins, and it's perfect. The main story unfolds thru a series of phone calls and how 'Asger', the cop, makes decisions about what to say and who to call.
The trailer doesn't quite do the film justice.

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
The forest of lost souls. Portugal. 2017.
Interesting low budget film dealing with the subject of suicide.
Filmed in black and white the story is simple and interesting with each scene taking time so it doesn't feel jerky.
The story itself i found to be kinda simple but engaging, no dramatic twists but a slow steady pace.
enjoyed invitation-only midnight screening of vastly popular cult movie 'the room'....the worst movie ever made which which resulted in a memoir about the debacle that actually launched golden globe nominated film "the disaster artist" starring james franco ,a movie bout the shit pile the ORIGINAL film the room was....

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