Last Movie You Watched..


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John Carpenter's They Live: A story about a guy who find some strangers sunglass that make him see that our world is controlled by aliens. You will hear some cheesy monologues and the world's longest wrestling scene, hahaha. My favorit part is when the hero Nada say: I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all outta bubblegum. 10/10

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The Maltese Falcon. 1941.
A crime drama that follows 'Sam Spade', P.I. as he unravels who killed his partner, another man and the location of a statue.
The film is dialouge heavy and follows the lead (Bogart) as he meets different people and gets information.
It's considered a classic and although i found it a bit boring by the halfway point, there was enough information slowly released that keep it interesting.


Mr. Majestic
The Silence, based on the book by Tim Lebbon; a story about subterranean creatures trapped in an
underground cave system. Once let they out they wreak all sorts of havoc and terror as they hunt
their prey through sound. 10/10

Jon E(vil)

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Orgies of edo. Japan. 1969.
A series of three different stories, no connection.
The first is a woman tricked into becoming a whore. 2nd is a guy who loves a woman who gets aroused by disfigured men. 3rd is a Lord who is a sadist and has a version of payback at the end.
Each one seemed to get a bit more 'intense', the effects were good, given that it was filmed in 1969. But the stories themselves were well written they had twists that couldn't be predicted and weren't over the top.
Not something i'd probably watch again, but enjoyable.
No english in the trailer.

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
Avengers endgame.
I saw Iron Man on DVD, Cap A. in cinema., G.O.T.G. i liked once. My viewing of 'Marvel' related film really ends there, i have flicked every one of them, but the 'links' (if any) are lost on me.
I downloaded a cam rip with Korean subtitles, i just FF most of the film in silence.
The plot was weird/simple and long winded, scenes dragged out for several minutes, maybe it makes sense if the characters are to be believed, but not for me when FF'd thru.
Effects were good but wouldn't warrent a ticket.