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Jon E(vil)

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Sweet bean. 2016. Japan.
Film about a chef in a little shop that sells little pancakes with a sweet filling. A older lady comes and helps him make a beter bean paste filling. The film does the whole 'the little old lady has to go' about halfway and it does get slowly sadder from there. But it's in a really nice way, nothing sinister or brutal about it.
A genuinely feel good film about taking your time and being nice to one another.


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The Keeper 7/10 A solid 7 at that,slow paced but really interesting true story of Bert Trautmann,German solider who joined the Luftwaffe winning 5 medals including the Iron Cross,he ends up on the front line and is captured iand sent to a prisoner of war camp in Manchester,he shows a talent in the camp for goalkeeping and is noticed by a
grocer who runs a local football team,Bert shows great promise and is spotted by Manchester City’s talent scout. Bert falls in love with the grocers daughter survives great prejudice of a war weary British public and ends up playing in the FA Cup final at Wembley Stadium,in this match Bert gets his neck broken in 3 places but picks himself up and plays on making many great saves helping City to win the cup. The movie captures the time really well a decent Sunday afternoon film.