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Jon E(vil)

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Extreme job. South Korea. 2019
A action/comedy with a team of cops that run a chicken restaurant so that can stakeout the 'crims' over the road.
Starts out very funny, then kinda slacks off a bit. Still pretty good, kinda got lost a bit in the middle with 5 main characters and four main 'crims.' There is alot going on but the fight and stunt scenes were very well done.
It Chapter Two

5/10 Too long and a lackluster ending. On the plus side a couple of homos get the shit beat out of them at the beginning.

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No way 8/10 great film and looked great.
The 2 IT movies are really well done and worth the time to go and see on the big screen, King does a great cameo in pt 2.
The time and effort put into the story is justified and it shows in every scene.
Just a fucking dam shame that The Dark Tower never got the same treatment while not a horror theme DT can surpass the IT movies for story and concept.

Jon E(vil)

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Among the living. 2014. France.
3 kids find a woman in the boot of a car in an abandoned movie set lot. The killer hunts them down.
From the creators of Inside. Starts out really well, then sets up the kids characters. It has elements of tension and horror but its near the end of its 80 minute run time that it picks up again. I was kinda bored by that point but saw it thru. There were a few questionable plot elements but some the scenes were quite effective. If it had been any longer i would have rated it less.

While looking up this trailer i saw one for the 2018 remake of the original Inside.
Fuck whatta joke.
One of my favorite Bond flicks...?

When Bond (Roger Moore) investigates the murders of three fellow agents, he finds himself a target, evading vicious assassins as he closes in on powerful Kananga (Yaphet Kotto). Known on the streets as Mr. Big, Kananga is coordinating a global threat, using tons of self-produced heroin. As Bond tries to unravel the mastermind's plan, he meets Solitaire (Jane Seymour), a beautiful tarot-card reader, whose magic is crucial to the crime lord.

Burnt Offerings

daddy clothes
MANDY - 8/10

Trippy horror/revenge-flick in which Nicholas Cage plays a lumberjack whose lover is kidnapped and murdered by a bizarre, LSD tripping cult. He goes on to seek retribution by tracking down the cult and the psychotic motorcycle gang which aided in her death. There's lots of cool visuals that take heavy inspiration from classics like Heavy Metal, Hellraiser, Friday The 13th and Seven. It could've been great with slightly better execution here and there, but overall, it's a very solid, very creepy, movie that didn't disappoint.

Jacky Boy

He Who Walks Behind the Rows
IT Chapter Two. I knew it was going to be a let down but I had a chance to see it in a 4D theater so that was actually a lot of fun.

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
The accidental detective. 2015. South Korea.
A humourous older cop and a young book store/crime blog writer team up to solve a murder that's been pinned on a fellow detective.
The humour is constant which is nice, but the story itself gets rather complicated, instead of just one murder it develops into three.
There are flashbacks while theorys are discussed which helps and the married life of both men, esp the book store owner is fully there.
As usual with S.K. films, it got dense and kinda boring with trying to keep up with the plot but the humor definitely pulled it through.
A sequel has been made that follows on from where this one ends. Not on my watchlist, ill just stick with this one.

John Wick 3.
Unrateable pile of fucken garbage..
What is a pretty good action film followed up by a shaky but still watchable sequel has a third that ploughs full speed into a open sewer.
I got a copy of this for someone else. And out of interest put it one, knowing, that i wouldn't last long. I F.Fwd a few minutes to the opening fight scene with a really large bloke in a library.
It wasn't hard to see that he was 'acting' the scene. Fuck it looked daft. From there the film was viewed on FF till the knife fight scene.
I swear i saw one of the 'baddies' leaned back in a matrix style move. It was eye rolling bad.
The first film had him blasting people left, right-every fucken where in the nightclub.
Now all we get is pansy 'look at me swing my arms around' shit.

Jon E(vil)

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Demons. 1971. Japan.
A black and white slow burn film about a disgraced samurai who loves a geisha. Her husband and few others trick him out of a lot of gold. He then sets out for revenge. Thats a very basic run down of the film. From then on there is alot going on, loyalty, lies, betrayal and some pretty quick but bloody kill scenes. It wasn't hard to follow as there were a limited number of characters but the storyline keep evolving with most the film having a tense feel to it.

Full length film on youtube.

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
Metamorphosis. 2019. South Korea.
A lowish-budget but very practical exorcism horror film.
The opening scene was a direct tribute to The Exorcist, it was a young woman tied to a bed with a priest preforming the rites. From there she ends up going out the window and getting impaled on the metal fence below.
It was nasty and bloodly and really set up the film nicely. After that it didn't take to long to start cranking up the tension.
The title is kinda what happens, the demon takes the form of different people in the family. A few scenes in particular are very effective at doing this and although the acting is kinda cheezy, it really shines thru that they knew what they wanted.
Some obvious CGI, but it is used when it is necessary.
The only problem was the subtitles. Wow were they crappy. I'm not sure how they done, maybe the person just entered the dialouge into google translate. But there were a few parts in english and they didnt really match.
Worth watching because it not impossible to follow, definite must for fans of asian horror.


Last three were:
Get My Gun. An ok revenge movie. Nothing special.
Banned in America 5. Lame 2000 era gore flick.
A Serbian Film. Was actually pretty enjoyable. Not nearly as rough as the hype made it out to be. Maybe I got the cut version?

Jon E(vil)

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The odd family. Zombie on sale. 2019. South Korea.
Zombie comedy/drama.
Comedy and drama with a unique set up are the first hour of the film, with the zombie hordes and the action in the last 45 mins.
The set up at the start is that a cabbage eating zombie can give a youthful look and feel to the old. It maybe took a little too long to get to the tipping point of the film, but it was a well thought out plot with a few 'nods' to previous zombie films.
The most obvious was when they were looking at how zombies transform and were watching a clip of Train to Busan on a cellfone.