Last Movie You Watched..

Pretty shitty effects...makes it unintentionally funny but still not bad...some interesting scenes. Although most of the cast is unknown their actually good in the roles. Seen far worse all worth a watch.

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
The gentlemen. 2019.
A crime drama with elements of humour thru out.
Hugh Grants character narrates this film while the action plays out about a weed dealer and a deal to sell his operation. Guy Richie wrote and directed the screenplay which is a solid return to the style of his debut Lock, stock and two smoking barrels. Enjoyable because of the double dealing and quirky characters.

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
Antiviral. 2012 Dir. Brandon Cronenburg.
A very fucken strange film debut from the son of David Cronenburg. The new craze for people who desire a connection with celebrities is to be infected with viruses that they are infected with.
It's not a easy film to watch, not because of the extremly good effects but the story itself is slow and kinda hard to understand. I fell alsleep with about 20 mins to go and even rewatching it wasn't enough to really grasp the point.
Nightmarish and surreal.

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
Judy and Punch. 2019.
A interesting take on the classic puppeters.
I know of the Punch and Judy show and the puppets but only thru small bits and pieces iv seen on TV when i was young.
The film is the story of the puppeters after their fame has faded due to Mr Punches drinking. A interesting film that was colourful as it was violent.


Mr. Majestic
Underwater- A solid 8/10. I was pleasantly surprised because I was expecting it
to be absolute garbage since Kristin Stewart is in it but she did a decent job. This
film was a mixture of other deep-sea type films like Leviathan, etc..