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Mr. Mayhem

Into the damning all go.
VFW-A fucking awesome film starring Stephen Lang, Fred Williamson, that one dude from the warriors whose name
escapes me, Martin Kove, George Wendt, and William Sadler. A group of Nam vets gets put in a life or death situation
where a deadly street gang comes after them after a girl steals their drugs. Gore galore. 10/10

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
Death by hanging. 1968. Japan.
A korean living in Japan is convicted of of two counts of murder and hanged, but it fails. What happens next is that they try to get him to remember and confess to his crimes so he can be hanged again.
Comical in the way they are rather over the top in the way they try to get R to remember, this includes taking him to scene of the crime and re-enacting it with a woman playing the part of the victim.
When they get back to the chamber, it turns slightly into a more philosophical drama about who is ultimitely responsible for carring out the death penalty. Issues of Japans occupation of Korea come up as well as the idea of what is a nation.

The trailer has a voice over by the director.

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
The Executioner. 1963. Spain.
A undertaker gets the local executioners daughters pregant.
Black comedy about two people whose jobs make then unable to mix in general society. The daughter of the local executioner is unmarried and he is due to retire, the local undertakers son meets and falls for her. He is pursaded to take on the role of his father-in-law. The fim is lighthearted with a couple of chuckles in it. It mainly deals with the fact that he is scared of actually having to go thru with his new job.
In Spain at the time it was garotting, not hanging of beheading with the a guilotine.

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
Witchhammer. 1970. Czechoslovakia
A little incident spirals in a series of trails for witchcraft.
Drama about a old woman who tries to steal a communion wafer and is accused of witchcraft. Based on a true story with dialouge from the court records, under torture she inplicates more people and the cycle continues. Wealthy people are pulled in and their property taken to pay for the trial.
The local priest and others are dubious of the 'confession by torture' ways of the Inquisition, but are either forced to go along or accused, tortured and burned.
Interesting and tense drama about what happens when someone gets unimited power based on the superstitions of the time. The film is pretty straight forward with nothing over the top. Filmed in B/W the torture scenes are gory and come across as just part of the process. It illustrates the point that people will say anything to get the pain to stop.
Similar to The Devils, a british film about a priest accused by a nun of witchcraft, but that is in colour and alot more action packed.

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
The rope curse. 2018. Taiwan.
A school girl hangs herself and the spirit take revenge.
Atmospheric with some elements of tension, but a little more drama than actual horror elements. The usual long black hair blury spirit with a white dress was present. But the film after a while seemed to focus more on the flashbacks to the school and what happened.
It was similar to Liverleaf, a Japanese film from 2018 and Mourning grave, South Korea from 2014.
Mourning grave is very good and alot more brutal.

Standing Pat

Master of Disaster

Real weird movie but i actually enjoyed it, never heard of it until i got it from a friend yesterday.


i find this funny how silly some peoples are
they watch movie, where there is some drama crying misery or suffering, then they feel some compassion to also feel sad and then say it is fantastic film😄
im not talking about art context of cinema, but people enjoy other peoples suffering so they dont have deal with their own stuff, im sorry but its completely backward opposide way of living handling the life

Mr. Mayhem

Into the damning all go.
Becky- 10/10 Badass movie about a girl on a killing spree where escaped convicts
invade her home. I See You-9/10 A twisted psycho-thriller with Helen Hunt and Jon
Tenney. A lead investigator is brought in to investigate a missing child case. This
film surprised me, shit definitely gets twisted.

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
I can speak. 2017. South Korea.
A elderly korean woman learns to speak english.
Years of lodging complaints at the city council and meeting a new entry level clerk result in her gaining a way to learn to speak english.
Its a lighthearted comedy as she pesters the clerk but soon her motivations become clear just after the halfway point. She has a long lost brother in the States and was a 'comfort woman' from aged 13 during W.W.2.
It's a layered, nice historical film.

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
Watermelon man. 1970.
A white man wakes up black.
Amusing film about what a racist white man has to deal with when he wakes up one morning and finds himself black. There are a few laughs to found with some of the things he goes thru as the film progresses.
Laughable but ultimately it didn't end with him waking up and finding it was dream.


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The dark something. The word dark is in the title. It's about a sculptor / artist who is pretty shit then moves into his uncles old apartment and finds a talking hole in the wall which gives him these ball body part looking things and he uses them in his mobiles/art then people love it. Then he kisses it and sticks his weiner in. Then 2 other arty people find out about it and try to cut it out of the wall. Then I think it dies. It was not all that bad. For a crazy 79 minutes. It's on prime

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