Last Movie You Watched..


Mr. Majestic
VFW-A fucking awesome film starring Stephen Lang, Fred Williamson, that one dude from the warriors whose name
escapes me, Martin Kove, George Wendt, and William Sadler. A group of Nam vets gets put in a life or death situation
where a deadly street gang comes after them after a girl steals their drugs. Gore galore. 10/10

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
Death by hanging. 1968. Japan.
A korean living in Japan is convicted of of two counts of murder and hanged, but it fails. What happens next is that they try to get him to remember and confess to his crimes so he can be hanged again.
Comical in the way they are rather over the top in the way they try to get R to remember, this includes taking him to scene of the crime and re-enacting it with a woman playing the part of the victim.
When they get back to the chamber, it turns slightly into a more philosophical drama about who is ultimitely responsible for carring out the death penalty. Issues of Japans occupation of Korea come up as well as the idea of what is a nation.

The trailer has a voice over by the director.

Jon E(vil)

True gore artist.
The Executioner. 1963. Spain.
A undertaker gets the local executioners daughters pregant.
Black comedy about two people whose jobs make then unable to mix in general society. The daughter of the local executioner is unmarried and he is due to retire, the local undertakers son meets and falls for her. He is pursaded to take on the role of his father-in-law. The fim is lighthearted with a couple of chuckles in it. It mainly deals with the fact that he is scared of actually having to go thru with his new job.
In Spain at the time it was garotting, not hanging of beheading with the a guilotine.