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Nasty gash, he could lose a leg if he's not careful, oh wait. At least he has saved his boot, he could ebay it to other silly twats who have lost their other leg, make a few quid, every cloud an' all that.


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I mean how ? How TF does he pick up enough speed on that little dirt road to cause that much fucking damage ! How ?! Unless them zipper heads legs are made out of chow mein and weaker than the standard leg …. I just don’t get it .
You know it is truly amazing to me that there are places in this world - Thailand, Brazil, las ungalese....hahaha sorry, joke - where evidently you can see shit like this on a daily basis. shit walk out your door and see a leg here some toads head rollin around in the gutter....i wouldnt ever go to work id sit on my porch drinkin and laughin at these mother fuckers all day long......and of course id be uploadin to the GRish.:Haplulz: