Teen Hunter Harvested After Falling Asleep in Michigan Corn Field (1 Viewer)


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I have questions-

How could a person not hear this huge lumbering presumably loud ground shaking machine around them and not wake up- level of drunkenness or drug intoxication factored in?

Was this kid already dead or something?
And who hunts deer IN a cornfield?

Yes. Questions.

Teen Hunter Harvested After Falling Asleep In Michigan Corn Field


A Michigan deer hunter, 14, died on Saturday after he apparently fell asleep in a cornfield and was run over by a corn harvester, according to reports.

Emergency responders were called to a field in Chandler Township -- located about 240 miles northwest of Detroit -- just before 9 a.m. A farm worker found the teenager after driving over him, a news release by the Huron County Sheriff's Office said.

Authorities said the 14-year-old, of Elkton, had been dropped off in the field so he could hunt deer. The machine operator, a 25-year-old from Pigeon, was harvesting the field with a large Krone corn chopper, according to the Huron Daily Tribune.

"Unaware anyone was in it [the field], the hunter was accidentally driven over and found by the chopper operator a very short while later," the paper reported.

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