1. Walter E Kurtz

    12 year old boy strangled and cut in half over a gaming quarrel.

    Daniel Felipe Petry was born in 1991 in Blumenau, Santa Catarina (Brazil). Since he was a child he was a rebellious, aggressive boy and he reacted with unusual violence at the slightest provocation. He was under psychiatric treatment, but he always abandoned the therapies. His refuge was...
  2. HorrorQueen

    Baby Dolls

    So I’m not quite sure where this post would belong. So I figured miscellaneous would be best. Meet Anatoly Moskvin, 52, he spent years digging up the corpses of young girls. It’s said he had gone to over 700 cemeteries. Yet he only favored and embalmed/preserved 29 of the little girls that he...
  3. msr

    Sydney Primary School rapists

    12yo boys allegedly rape 6yo girl at Sydney primary school By Siobhan Fogarty Updated about 5 hours agoThu 1 Sep 2016, 3:05am Photo: Police were alerted to the alleged rape by the Department of Education. (ABC News) Map: Chatswood 2067 Two 12-year-old boys have been charged over the alleged...
  4. Dr. Gauner

    5 Little Boys Stabbed To Death

    A 24 year old man recently released from a mental hospital became agitated by the sound of his neighbor's kids playing. Knife in hand, he went next door to where the children were playing and beginning stabbing them. 5 children (all brothers, all less than 12 years old) were killed. 4 died at...