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The thing that sickens me the most is the west is in support of Palestine. There are tons of people that think Palestine is doing the right thing because committing war crimes indiscriminately, killing civilians and bombing hospital is definitely not the right thing because they could’ve just walked in and took Giza with a show of military force without killing any innocent civilians, but they are fighting a religious war, and believe that these people deserve to die, even though killing Civilians is a literal fucking war crime in the west is supporting their war crimes


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From most reports, Israel's killed so many more Palestinians in their airstrikes that they agreed to announce beforehand, a condition of Hamas for not cutting heads off people too early. Hamas just wanted a heads-up to move their shit before the people they don't care about get blown to shit.


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what abt the innocent kids murdered by hamas, when the world gives a shit abt israel, i will think abt giving a shit abt falestine
That’s not true. Hamas STARTED this. Israe has every right to defend themselves. Unfortunately innocent lives will be lost no matter what … when war is involved